1. It's not after sex, its right when sex starts, he will continue to ejaculate into her for up to 24 hours. Not all species eat their males either.

  2. Wow, imagine a woman who starts eating you when you are cumming inside her.

  3. Where's the nightmare? This made me hard haha

  4. No, not every man has this nightmare. Some men and those who are male presenting don’t care for them and wouldn’t think this as a bad thing.

  5. Yeah once they got the grip, all you can do is wait and see what they're going to do. As they tighten up, are they going to stop?

  6. this right when he cums and then shoving it down his throat and making him drink his own kids🥴 >>>>

  7. It's true! My wife has had me in rear naked chokes and has her hooks in.Sometimes she will use one foot and rub my cock.At that point I completely stop trying. I'm like ok I give up...

  8. If we’re asleep upstairs in Bed, and a Burglar enters, take Your Superior A## , Downstairs and Handle it!!!

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