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The process of taking a painful L

  1. I would guess the spaces around Hartaj Singh Sighu need to be escaped?

  2. I’ve gone to two games at that stadium. The first, I was behind a concrete slab and could see half of the field. The second, I had “standing room only” tickets and my spot was directly behind someone else with a “standing room only” ticket, like the people in my row were waiting in line behind the row in front of us.

  3. Upvoted but man do I struggle with these. I don’t know where to draw the line between solving it by critical thinking and solving it by looking stuff up. I feel like I’m cheating if I look too much stuff up. Any advice? Example: there’s a few early on that deal with squares and primes. I can figure out the logic and get correct answers for smaller tests but it won’t ever finish for the bigger numbers. But I don’t know how to make it run faster.

  4. For a lot of the problems I find myself looking up general tools but then I have to understand the tool to apply it to the specific problem, so I feel like it’s more learning than cheating. (ex: the last one was “how to go about finding a generating function with 2 variables”, which I applied by finding the specific generating function for the problem)

  5. Idk I feel like if the interviewer wasn’t clearly in the wrong then it could look bad if op reports

  6. I heard above 70% (I think for swe, but maybe overall) in an info session. I also have anecdotal info of 1 person from MIT that did not get a return offer (I believe for swe)

  7. I had just the same thought this morning! glad it wasn’t stupid and glad I wasn’t the only one

  8. That’s what I would have thought until it happened to a friend of mine this past week.

  9. I completely agree. I’m about to be a senior undergrad for CS (off-cycle), and even if any of my projects could be nearly considered usable or interactive, there are tons of programs out there that do the same thing but better.

  10. me computer know what me mean. we best friend

  11. Maybe common sense but make sure you know the testing policy of anywhere you are going to intern/work at. I think it takes a month to leave your system but definitely look it up.

  12. Also assuming a computer that supports 32 bit integers.

  13. I also go to a small liberal arts college. I had taken two semesters of coding in hs (wouldn’t say I learned much beyond loops and if statements, briefly touched on classes).

  14. Me who accidentally gave my personal information to some guy on the street named Common App

  15. I'm pretty sure they limited it to Java C++ and Python? I forget exactly but I remember being surprised that there weren't more options.

  16. Wait, is this for summer 2022? You applied for it 2 weeks ago?

  17. tech applications start way too early. but at the same time it’s kind of nice because I wouldn’t be able to apply to as many places during the school year

  18. Cool! I’m trying to figure out, do the adjacent rings push each other or do the spin independently?

  19. I would love to have some physics in there, but each ring and square is independent.

  20. I’m sure calculating the interactions between squares would be a nightmare, although maybe you could just calculate one square per ring. It’s definitely very interesting and impressive without the physics though!

  21. The people who post the most are the ones getting in.

  22. Facts I appreciate posts like this that share rejections

  23. Yeah I been getting spammed by this lady called “Brennan” to sign up for jobs. Sounds super spammy and sus. I also received a match to the Leadership Development Internship but have been ignoring it

  24. No way I also got a Brennan! Must have been a coincidence there’s no other explanation because mine was assigned to me specifically

  25. Every one is getting contacted by Brennan. They make it seem like we’re getting assistant from real person. I heard someone got internship through ripplematch tho

  26. Yeah I figured. at least a lot of the matches have been legit though

  27. I liked your post. Will you take me with you when you are CEO of Amazon?

  28. You could, but your game would not end up very good.

  29. Agreed. This way also you split the risk (and profit) rather than spend money on code that doesn’t make your money back.

  30. This does sound like a sucky situation, but you can definitely pick up development skills… if you have self confidence and enjoy doing it.

  31. If you wanted to implement a solution, you could always keep track of how many objects need to be assigned and how many are left. So at the start if there are 90 objects, you have 90 left and 9 need to be assigned. Go through the list from the start and at each element, assign it an attribute with (number that need to be assigned)/(number of objects left). When an object gets assigned, subtract one from the number of objects that need to be assigned. And subtract one from the number of objects left every time you consider an object.

  32. Mix it up with personal projects or learning something. Literally anything you’re interested in, whether its webscraping or learning regex. You don’t want to get tired of coding from coding the same stuff every day. But also take a break from coding itself. If you’re determined to stick with leetcode, try solving a few problems on paper without actually implementing them. If you want to you can always implement your solutions later

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