AITA for getting angry at my(m29) girl friend (f28) for hiding that she speaks Spanish?

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  1. Heck yeah he is. I’m a little too old for him but if I had the chance I would take it. That whole family is good looking and their kindness is the most attractive thing about them

  2. My secret is anxiety. My procrastination and distraction is really bad, but I’m so anxious about not failing or getting in trouble that I would wait til the last minute and then focus all my energy into doing it right before the deadline. It certainly isn’t a healthy or happy way to exist but I at least still get stuff done.

  3. NTA- you were terrified by what he did. That video shows what getting catcalled feels like when it happens to a woman walking alone at night. And you didn’t make the decision to fire this guy. Who knows, maybe your old boss was looking for a reason to fire him. Either way all you did was show that this guy obviously is a creep, so any repercussions are due to his behavior.

  4. YTA- there’s nothing wrong with liking disney and there are plenty of people who are “Disney adults”. Stop harassing your sister for having an interest in a specific animation company. There are plenty worse things to be interested in

  5. I’m puzzled too. Why does this bother him at all. It makes sense that the setting would get a new Stone so that it could still be used.

  6. It bothers him because on some level he knew it wasn’t a good look to take the diamond out of the ring in the first place.

  7. YTA- what does it matter that they put a new stone in the ring if everyone is happy? Your fiancé gets the Ron she wants and your mom gets to keep part of her parents history, and it was a really thoughtful gift on your sisters part. If you feel like your sis made you look and then you are admitting that you think it was wrong or shameful to only take the diamond from the ring in the first place. And either way, your sister is not responsible for your feelings

  8. YTA- you felt embarrassed because your girlfriend has a skill that you never bothered to learn despite it being something all of your family knows and you took your feeling out on her.

  9. YTA if his allergy is that bad that even one accidental taste can cause him a severe reaction. If it was just a smaller allergic reaction then it would be fine, but some people can break out in hives from peanuts just being in the same room. If the cousin is deathly allergic then you should have at the very least warned his parents about the cake situation.

  10. I definitely did at first, but after a lot of research and so many stories that lines up with my own, i decided that even if they weren’t narcissists, they were still wrong for how they treated me, and I was allowed to express myself and commiserate and connect with people who had similar treatment. Also, it is very validating to lay out everything that has happened to you and for others to support and comfort you. All of the posts and comments I have made on this sub have led to people validating my experience and reassuring me that I was right to feel upset and that what my parents did was wrong. This subreddit is one of the things that helped me begin healing from the trauma:

  11. NTA- your baby, your rules. Honestly gender reveals are pretty stupid because they just further push gender stereotypes. I can understand maybe for the first child, but still. Also, I have seen way too many gender reveal fails as well as awful reactions when it’s a gender someone doesn’t want. Like I have seen videos of the father literally swearing and throwing a tantrum because it was a girl and he wanted a boy. Tell your MiL that she can fuck right off and that you don’t need to make yourself uncomfortable because she is sad.

  12. YTA- so you are mad that instead of all the horrible things your parents could have said and done when you came out, instead they accepted you and didn’t make a big deal about it? do you want a sticker or something for coming out? They probably chose not to make a big deal about it because they thought your wouldn’t want them to. And how can you get mad at them for predicting that you were gay and not telling you? Do you know how upsetting it could be for someone’s parents to tell them they think they are gay? Wether their kid is gay or is straight or hasn’t figured it out yet, being confronted with that kind of question would be pretty awful too.

  13. Your other post got removed before I could post my comment, so I’m posting it here

  14. Oh no I dont think I have spent that much, but I do help out for school fees and dental fees as well when my brother runs short. The food costs yes as well but luckily diapers and formula for my niece was paid by my brother.

  15. They don’t mean that you have spent $25,000 on them but that their parents would have paid that much in childcare costs if they had a proper babysitter. The fact that you have to take up the cost of food and other costs for the kids just makes you an even better person and shows that they are taking even more advantage of you.

  16. NTA- you don’t owe them your time or your money. Tell them that you are going to a hotel to get away for a while and that you will not be there to watch the kids. Then lock the door and do not answer when they try to drop their kids off. If they abandon their kids while you are “away” then it’s on them. You deserve time to mourn and they are trying to bully you because it benefits them

  17. I’m going to go ahead and say ESH. Yes the husband is and AH for not stopping, but so is the wife for drinking so much on the car ride when she knows it is a issue between them. Also she agreed not to drink a lot, so she broke her word. So unless she has some kind of medical problem or reason she needs to drink so much, she is also an AH for drinking so much that she has to pee one hour into a trip.

  18. It remind be of the sound that was going around on TikTok that goes:

  19. It started with me telling her I wanted to learn to drive, have more freedom to see my friends and keep the money from my job. I'm 26 by the way. It ended with her and my sister pinning me down on the floor for 2 hours, scratching and bruising me, and trying to cast "demons" out of me. I called the police and my boyfriend came to get me and took me somewhere safe and I never looked back. I'm now renting a good place with two roommates and on my way to getting my own apartment, I have a wonderful job and I'm about to celebrate 6 months with my sweet boyfriend. Leaving was an unexpected choice, but the best one I ever made.

  20. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. Nobody deserves to be treated that way, but at least it led to a good outcome for you.

  21. YTA- your husband has taken on twice the work to take care of you and your unborn baby. He is working an ungodly amount of hours instead of being with you right now because he feels responsible for taking care of you financially. Being there for the birth of both of your first child is probably one of the thoughts that is keeping him going through all of this. It would be one thing if he was ditching these classes and things because he was too tired or he wanted to play video games, but he has been working his ass off to provide for your family and he deserves to be there for the birth of his child.

  22. Some good ones is clothing that was all different sizes and still had the clearance tags on them, their moth eaten clothes from college that wouldn’t fit, broken things that “just need a new part or new battery to work great!”. As adults, me and my siblings have gotten a giant folding wall with Vegas pictures because my sister and BiL went to Vegas for a vacation, my parents old mismatched dishes after they bought a new set even though my sister already had dishes, clothing and bags with rips and tears because “you know how to see so you can fix it up”, a broken lawnmower, and a 20+ year old car seat.

  23. Oh man this brings back a memory, my mother sent me 30 year old Halloween costumes that were falling apart from age and expected me to let my daughter play with them! She was 4! Their house is filled to the brim with this shit and they threaten to "disenherit me" anytime they call and I dont play their games. PLEASE DO IT I DONT WANT ANY OF IT!

  24. I have tried to get my parents to get rid of stuff for years and they refuse. We had had to move house three times in the last decade and we have move into and out of several storage bins as well, and since both parents are disabled all of the work falls to me and my siblings. I have told them multiple times that I am not helping them move again unless they get rid of half their stuff, and I know they don’t believe that I’m serious. They think I’m just saying it to be rude but I mean it. I will not be lugging three houses worth of furniture and boxes of crap for them again. I have already refused to help my older Nsister and BiL when they moved because they are both hoarders as well, although they are more sentimental hoarders than my parents who just accumulate junk

  25. NTA- play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Well her friendship test worked and showed you that she failed. You gave her complete control over what you would wear to her wedding and instead of picking something she liked she purposely insisted on something that she absolutely not okay with. Honestly it sounds less like a test and more like she set you up.

  26. NTA- you arent obligated to take care of her dog, but you can always come to a compromise. The thing is that a lot of people see their dogs as pseudo children. The way you treat their dog is to them an indicator of how good and caring of a parent you would be.

  27. You need to cut contact with them ASAP. These people are leeches in every way, and they will drain you financially and emotionally Neil there is nothing left of you and they will continue to demand more and blame you when you have nothing left. The parents you knew as a kid are not the same people, or maybe they were always these people underneath and the golden glow of childhood obscured their behavior. Either way you have more than payed back what they gave you as a child (even though children aren’t obligated to pay their parents back for anything).

  28. “yep exactly! That is one of the many ways you failed as a parent. It’s good that you are starting to recognize some of your flaws. I can tell you more if you are interested”

  29. YTA- Amanda isnt oversensitive, she is just tired of dealing with your BS. You promised to pick her up from the airport and give her a morale boost before the bachelorette, and instead you threw her to the sharks as soon as she got there by having SiL pick her up, and then when you were supposed to be helping her recuperate and relax after the crap she went through and you decided that her emotions were less important than your pleasure. You consistently forget about her and have shown multiple times that you do not make her a priority so why should she show you any regard in return?

  30. Burnout is said to take two orthree years to fully recover from and you have only been resting for a few months. Also, the job market is both really competitive right now as well as super selective, and if you are older and haven’t been in the job market for the last decade or so, the process of getting a job is so different from the past that most people don’t understand how it currently works. You have plenty of time to continue learning and truly find a job that works for you.

  31. YTA- some peoples hobby is sports and they dress up in the players jerseys and spend ridiculous amounts on tickets and memorabilia. Some peoples hobby is playing video games and they waste hours sitting in front of a screen and go to conventions and buy expensive figurines. Your girlfriends hobby happens to be cats, and she is welcome to spend as much of her free time and money indulging in that hobby as everyone else does theirs. If you don’t like it, then I can tell you it’s not the cats she’s going to kick to the curb.

  32. Tell that to all the prudes who yelled at and shamed me because I had some cleavage showing.

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