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  1. I have many grumbles and rumbles with university bureaucracy systems right now. The sheer level of red-tape incompetence is absolutely a sight to behold.

  2. Yeah wtf? My family's cats ate gerbils, hamsters, and degus that escaped their enclosure. My parents shrugged and said those were the dumb gerbils.

  3. I'd like to say I'm against the suffering of any animal, but I make an exception for any mouse that's stupid enough to wander into a house with my five cats. Dude, you coulda just stayed in your field but nooooo.

  4. I don't consider myself particularly fastidious wrt food hygiene, but even from me it's a no. If it was something sealed? Sure. If it was something that had been half eaten by someone I know? Sure. Honestly, even if a stranger was like "Hey I'm not gonna finish this - you want?" I'd have a crack at it unless they seemed really skeevy. But not Mystery Popcorn.

  5. Margarine instead of butter. Hyurk.

  6. Minerva mentally slaps Umbridge- I don't know how you intend on seeing how I run my class, you see I don't tolerate interruptions

  7. Don't forget the best part of Kreacher changing to the good side:

  8. Hilarious/terrifying image of these little guys running around with knifes cutting through people's Achilles tendons...

  9. Yes!! I also like the line about their faces being alive with malice. People complain about the whole "happy slaves" thing, and... Yeah, I agree that there are problematic elements to it. But when you go into the inspiration for it, brownies and elves were in folklore happy slaves. But if you cross them, you could be in for a world of trouble. The malice and disloyalty that we see in both Dobby and Kreacher to their abusive masters is pictured in this scene in swarm form lol. Don't fuck with the house elves, because they're only loyal if they want to be.

  10. You could also argue this effects the statistics for attacks themselves. Women are taught not to put themselves in situations where they could be endangered, therefore they often don't, therefore less opportunistic attacks happen.

  11. idk. I've put myself in some potentially very dangerous situations over the years, and have never come to harm. In my experience most folk will actually go out of their way to help. But maybe I've just been extraordinarily lucky.

  12. True. I avoid dangerous situations / being alone, but the few times I've been upset in public a stranger has always asked if I'm okay. I've also seen other people alone on nights out and stayed with them until they got help etc. There are definitely people out there willing to help.

  13. I'd say that most people are. I've had a lot of help from complete strangers over the years, and I try my best to pay it forward. I think most people are the same. I'm obviously not advising anyone to put themselves in risky situations or to rely on the kindness of strangers, but in my experience an overwhelming majority of people are decent.

  14. Took me a while to find Frodo. His mustache disguise worked.

  15. Thank you for that, I was sure it was just Sean Astin with three random dudes but it's all falling into place now.

  16. Fire trucks could be there in case they caused a gas leak when tampering with the gas meter.

  17. Well, it doesn't go down like that. British Gas do not have the emergency services on speed dial.

  18. Maybe after recent events in Jersey they are being more cautious? They even did have the fire service there and it didn’t help.

  19. If something is serious enough to warrant seven emergency vehicles, I'd think they'd be evacuating residences, not sending British Gas men to enquire about meter tampering. Per her other comments, it's not even the gas meter - it's the electricity meter!

  20. Eh, no I'd argue that 07-esque "random" implies being different/asburd to make some convoluted contrarian point - boosh to me just felt like funny absurdism that wasn't trying too hard

  21. But whatever their point is, they're both making it through absurdism.

  22. I don't get it, are you saying all absurdism is bad?

  23. Personally? No. I'm saying some is good and some is bad high quality and some is low quality, but it really hit a cultural peak in the early-mid 00s.

  24. The Beelzebug (pictured here) is pretty affordable!

  25. Oh really? And look at his cute lil stinker smile! I think I see a beelzebug in one of my pets' futures.

  26. for sure, get it! you'll make the money back with food club!

  27. I still haven't figured out food club lol! Even with the guide for dummies - I think maybe because I'm on mobile? It's like "click the hyperlink at the top left" and I'm either blind or stupid, because I see nothing resembling a hyperlink. I know neo tried to make the site more mobile-friendly but they've ended up with this awful hybrid that satisfies no one and is horrible to navigate. But that's been complained about plenty, so I won't start again - I'm gonna go look at cute petpet/beelzebug combos instead!

  28. You just have to say it in a kiwi accent.

  29. Bob's Burgers revived it as a meme, particularly notable after the movie did so well

  30. Wait, there was a Bob's Burgers movie?

  31. But you have to lean forward to direct it don’t you? And you’ll be sitting cross-legged which isn’t comfortable either.

  32. Couldn't you lie on your stomach? You can still see where you're going and use your weight to steer.

  33. So they changed it from Inferno, a word most English speaking kids don't know what it means, to Hellfire because it's a kid's movie and they can't say the word Hell, even though Hellfire literally has the word Hell in it?

  34. Thanks for the translation of OP's rambling.

  35. Wouldn't such an extreme lack of cellar maintenance be pretty immediately clear in the quality of the beer? Of the bars I've worked in, only one didn't keep completely on top of the cellar. It was nowhere near as bad as you're describing here, but they weren't as assiduous as they should have been - and you could always tell when they'd let it slip because people would be sending drinks back. Not saying places like this don't exist, of course, but it seems like the problem would solve itself: the beer would be so shit that no one would want to drink there anyway.

  36. I’ve just googled and I think they were removed from the world in December 2020 unfortunately. It’s a shame because you’re right it was really cool!

  37. Damn. I wonder why they removed them completely. I wish I'd thought to record them or something, but I assumed they'd just be left up. The Malfoy family one was particularly good (partly because Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs are national treasures and have great chemistry). And I never thought I'd see a David Beckham/Tennant collab).

  38. Both? The two statements go together. Did he drug her? No, of course not. Why would he do that? He just took advantage of her drugging herself, it's totally different. Sarcasm.

  39. I get you. You made a joke, it didn't fall well. All good.

  40. Which bit was sarcasm? "No of course not", or "He took advantage..."? Because if the former, then is the latter just invented? Or if the latter, how is the former sarcastic?

  41. I regret that it ended my marriage. But I don't regret my choice. Ambivalence would never have been a good foundation for raising a family.

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