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  1. I'm fat with a small pee pee. I've been sleeping with 2 big Ds" wives for years. Have hope brothers !

  2. As a foreign Black man, my first few encounters of prejudice and discrimination once I came to the U.S were from African American people. From classmates, teachers, coaches, and other Black adults in the community. I was made fun of because of my accent, and culture. Then, both African American and White people would make me feel that I don't belong here. I identify as Haitian American. No, they weren't jokes as sometimes, it got physical.

  3. Apple pickings , Fall festivals ( Some are better than others), take a drive to the Bershires and go by the outdoor outlets/plazas. Enjoy the Fall foliage in the Cape.

  4. I think since they lost the case against PM, the stock lost momentum. However, once they start pursuing the appeal. They might gain momentum. Also, paying dividends will attract new buyers .

  5. Bro ive been holding on this shit for the better part of a year and a half.. The week i sell... You post this shit

  6. You can always buy black your shares when it dips next week. I've been holding for 2 years

  7. That's the stupidest thing I've read today. When was the last time you've tried anything different you pathetic excuse of a person. So, reaching out in a forum means horror ?

  8. They can't play without their MVP. The game ends , whenever you decide to leave.. They might as well forfeit.

  9. Dude it’s one thing if he’s building his portfolio and it is just beginning. It’s another thing to call an $800 gambling account a “portfolio.”

  10. How do you know that he's not building his portfolio ? Maybe that's all he can afford to invest now. Or maybe that's all he want to invest. If you're in a better position than him then count your blessings not pass judgment.

  11. Local of course. That's the point of experiencing other cultures. It also depends on where I am visiting.

  12. People in this state generally drive fast. 24 is an easy drive. I wish slow drivers would stay on the right lane. Other highways like 95 and 93 are too congested to ho fast.

  13. I'm uncut so I like to spread the foreskin under the sink and let the water wash it for me.

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