1. 1.Brunson's 2.CC Club 3.Cuzzy's 4.Dusty's Bar 5.Grumpy's Bar 6.Half Time Rec 7.Manning's Cafe

  2. Love Keenan’s as well, and saw the same top 7 as well. Was just hoping to see the full list.

  3. Brats and hot dogs are always better with a little char.

  4. I practiced in my high school parking lot on the weekends with my dad. Never had an issue.

  5. Check your local community center. Otherwise area VFWs/American Legions.

  6. Check with Unique Hair and Ink. Great people. They can help you.

  7. Does anyone remember the name of that sports store that was there when it opened where you could go into different rooms and try out the equipment?

  8. I believe something had to create all of this. But I don’t call it god and I don’t worship to anything. I also don’t really care since I was raised Christian and I see how shitty those people are and the crap they believe in.

  9. When I would change the station because Creed was playing, the other station would be playing Linkin Park. So, I’d just change it to the classic rock station.

  10. Just check with Nicks Car Care. Very reputable dude. It’s the only place I bring my vehicle to.

  11. Despite the political rhetoric that this story is bound to stir up, the Sportsman’s Show has become a shell of itself over the past 10 years or so.

  12. City of Mankato just does a Terrible job of clearing the roads in general. I’m sure by weds we’ll be ok.

  13. My life changed when I heard this song on 8/22/00. Heard it at work. Went and bought LAGF as soon as I got off, and I’ve been a giant fan ever since. Luckily, I’ve prob gotten to see this song 20x live.

  14. That's fair. I've never even tried the electric start on my toro. :)

  15. That’s the same reason I bought mine with a starter. Had a big storm, went out to start and the rope broke. Haven’t gone back since.

  16. The Free Press hasn’t reported news since those clips became useless too.

  17. Who the fuck drives 30 miles to Burger King. That is insanity.

  18. True story: I have in laws who used to drive 45 miles for Hardee’s. Regularly. Then our town got one. It was like they won the lottery when it opened up.

  19. Unpopular opinion: hotdish is gross.

  20. I still have not been to the nook or mats! I'm a bad Minnesotan but shamrocks is good too!

  21. Shamrocks and Nook are same ownership I believe. Both great regardless.

  22. How the fuck are you supposed to eat them? Wait till the cheese isn’t runny? Isn’t that just a normal cheeseburger with extra steps?

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