1. Nope, Canadian/British nationalist, and I hate nato for bringing us into an American sphere of influence, especially when the US has historically been our enamy.

  2. Focus on power and control upgrades first since you already have four cannons and two missiles. The Javelin seemed horribly underpowered and unmanoeuvreable to me when I first unlocked her but now she's good.

  3. One is using the hull of a US tank as the base and the other is literally a US tank with Canadian markings

  4. The RAM didn’t use the hull of any other tank, it was developed from the M3 Lee like the M4, but no actual major components are the same. The British Sherman 2 is also just an American Sherman why is it in the British tree then, if that’s your criteria.

  5. So anything that has bogie suspension is the same as the M3? Like I said it was designed from it, like the Sherman which uses the same suspension. Same case with the engine. And the mg turret isn’t a major component. You’re also continently ignoring the gun which is a British 6pdr.

  6. It is funny that YOU want other people to play different just because YOU play a shit plane… the other players are not the problem

  7. Or maybe it’s Gaijin that’s the problem for fucking over bomber gameplay

  8. Learn to use your gunners. You have them for a reason.

  9. Haha, well fuck me then, I play British bombers, our guns are useless and some don’t even get any.

  10. Um... the RIM-24 on that boat is a Surface-to-Air missile, or at least supposed to be. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if some people are using them against boats, but they aren't designed for that and the warhead is made for an anti-air role.

  11. So it’s even worse, having a SAM to shoot down Props

  12. It's not a cruise missile, and you're just as capable of dealing with a small gunboat, as it is capable of dealing with you.

  13. Not really, it’s capable of firing the missile over cover and they reload pretty quickly. Not to mention it’s also makes a pretty good SAM and it’s going against prop planes.

  14. Mate that’s like statistics 101 and you just failed

  15. Vans have a utility beyond their ability to kill things.

  16. And killing things is a very important utility for putting food on the table.

  17. Yep my grandfather used to always hunt, and he lived in a suburb an hour out of Toronto even. And given current food prices it’s definitely something I wish my parents would have let me learn.

  18. It's just a swastika. You must have had a weird life if finding out that the Finns had the same symbol as the nazis until

  19. They also had it for about 20 years before the Nazis

  20. 2 years, not 20. The Finnish Air Force started using it in

  21. And they didn’t even come to power until 1933, so sure it was actually 15 years. But the point still stands Finish use of the symbol pre dates the Nazis.

  22. Strictly speaking I don't believe you have to be elected — I think that's just parliamentary precedent/norms.

  23. No, ministers have to be accountable to and sit in parliament.

  24. No, they don't. Ministers serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister or Premier. There was a lot of talk about potentially bringing on a Mark Carney figure federally to join cabinet despite not being an elected representative. There's nothing in any statute or law that says they must be a sitting politician. It makes life easier — otherwise you'd have to have someone else answering questions in parliament for question period and it wouldn't be a good look — but there's no reason you couldn't bring on literally anyone.

  25. Just looked it up and you’re right, go figure my Canadian politics professor was completely wrong on something that basic.

  26. 27 weeks too. And no limit…?? Is that implying… 39… 40 weeks?

  27. I sincerely doubt anyone who’s upset about all-age drag events was ever concerned about having their kids watch Mrs. Doubtfire. The only difference is that rather than than the message being “let’s laugh at a dude in a dress” the message is “it’s ok for a dude to wear a dress.” I also doubt anyone concerned about these events has ever been concerned about how much far more sexualized straight content like Spiderman, Harry Potter, or Frozen that kids consume (the heroes all kiss at the end).

  28. No I don’t care if it’s gay or straight or whatever there should not be any sexualization around kids. This sort of stuff it no different than a kids beauty pageant in my eyes.

  29. If your kids grow up seeing absolutely no mention or even innuendo around sex they’re not gonna be well adjusted. That’s some deeply conservative home schooled shit.

  30. Yep and I was exposed to it way too fucking young, and it messed me up. We need to stop sexualizing society especially around kids.

  31. Government protesting anti government is a bit of a conundrum don’t you think?

  32. Didn’t Trudeau do it as well while he is the guy in charge

  33. I know at my Costco in southern Ontario, they make 20 cents on the hot dog, and 3 cents on the water. I don’t know the specific margins but the chicken strips and poutine are their real money makers.

  34. What's the context of this? Is it any Intel stickers or just that one

  35. The sticker on my old computer is pretty damaged and almost falling off and Intel has a free sticker replacement programme, so I figured I’d see if I can get one for my admittedly older computer.

  36. Nostalgia for the P3 era? Do you collect older machines or is this a project?

  37. Project and nostalgia sorta, it’s just my first computer.

  38. It's just like a healthy ecosystem, less fragile and prone to failure cause by a single weakness that is universal across a population.

  39. But also brings with it greater internal problems, you only need to look at Yugoslavia or most of Africa.

  40. Not guaranteed. The US has a far greater diversity actually, it’s just in those situations the government officially came out and said one group was better. The way you handle diversity is what will make it positive or negative, diversity itself doesn’t inherently cause those problems

  41. I’m sorry the United States is more diverse than Yugoslavia or places like Nigeria? Where the hell do you get that from? While diversity it’s self doesn’t cause problems it doesn’t poses any large upside. Your point about it only being in the case where government officially came out and said one group was better isn’t the most through as the United States government has done that, and countries like Yugoslavia that was not the case.

  42. Dear god no, when I was 18 even I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, and especially at 16.

  43. No, simple as that, when I was 18 even I bearly knew what I was doing

  44. They're still calling it "Canada Day" and not "New Day" like Winnipeg?

  45. Not pointless at all if you can smoke in places cigarettes aren't allowed. Exhibition Place has a strict no smoking policy. So it's not pointless.

  46. Then why do they allow this? Why is it suddenly more acceptable to smoke marajuana in public than tobacco

  47. Just like normal second hand smoke as well, right? It also still smells like shit.

  48. Pretty funny that Liberals were warning of fake accounts 8 years ago and convervatives just replied with "everything you don't like is a fake account" and "Free Speech" because they thought siding with troll farms and committing sedition would help them with their little culture war.

  49. I genuinely did not see that in Canada, there were reports made by CSIS about foreign influence on social media made to the government a few years ago that were ignored though

  50. I still remember the good old days in 2014 when leftists pointed out all the foreign/Russian accounts supporting Trump. I still remember the fake Buffalo Chronicles story on Trudeau that was supported by troll farms and faked by a Buffalo man living in a basement suite.

  51. That’s why I said in Canada. I don’t care about the us.

  52. 2006 ish: Trident Cyberblade XP: came in a hand me down Toshiba laptop from 2001 my uncle gave me, recently bought the same model of laptop.

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