1. Great. More illegals to waste our tax dollars when America's economy is goin' down the drain.

  2. Yes. Ever since its invention, liquor has been a valuable commodity.

  3. This won't get past the Senate, as votin' for this bill is political suicide.

  4. Screw you, you fuckin' Sociopath. You murdered a teen because he disagreed with you and showed no remorse when questioned about it. You should be behind bars, not at the bar.

  5. Self-Defense my ass. That was politically motivated murder.

  6. Screw you, Zelenskyy. Your troops are kickin' Russia's ass right now. Stop posin' for Vogue, stop tryin' to escalate the conflict into World War 3, and actually fuckin' lead your people.

  7. Communalism? Last time I checked, America ditched such stupidity back in 1608 because it didn't work.

  8. Four hundred and forty people in Jamestown died before they learned their lesson and ditched the Communal System. Nobody who grows crops is gonna sign on for this bullshit, especially when it's a program by an administration that has alienated and demonized ordinary Americans.

  9. John Kerry is practically tellin' Africa "Fuck your future. Poor people having access to electricity is bad because it creates Greenhouse Gases" before headin' home in a Private Jet that creates more pollution than a Hummer.

  10. Democrats only care about kids when they're politically convenient.

  11. The entire EU both when it comes to its people, politicians and companies. Having a common enemy that threatens all of us both military and financially have removed tension, bickering, envy etc. that had been build up over decades in an instance. The entire Union have become closer and more and more appreciative of one another and unified together and we all want to prevail together.

  12. The only financial threat Russia poses to the European Union is that they can turn off the tap due to their control of the pipelines. Oh wait, they did just that and Germany, the money lender of the EU, has to reconnect coal plants to the grid in order to keep its people warm this winter because Green Energy doesn't work outside of ideal conditions. That ain't strength. They were warned that reliance on Russian oil was a weakness and they laughed. Removed bickerin'? Last time I checked, Dutch farmers are protestin' against the government tryin' to destroy their livelihood to meet some arbitrary environmental quota that would turn the Netherlands into the Sri Lanka of Europe. Removed tension? The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels just declared Hungary is no longer a Democracy because they didn't elect some globalist hack who'd destroy Hungary's economy.

  13. Which one is it, Bolduc? Was Biden the "legitimate" winner of the 2020 Election or do you stand by that letter you signed with generals and admirals that said that Trump won? This two-faced "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" opportunism is gonna cost you the Election, you self-righteous hypocrite.

  14. The best thing Biden and NATO have done is put Russia on the ropes, Russia is on the verge of collapse as they are desperately being defeated in Ukraine. If we stop Russia the world will be better, maybe they can rejoin as a peaceful world community member one day. I give credit where it’s due, this may be bigger than what Reagan did to the Soviet’s

  15. If Biden wasn't in the White House, Russia wouldn't have invaded Ukraine in the first place, as Putin would not have perceived America as weak. Russia is on the ropes because Russian Generals underestimated the Ukrainians, sendin' troops across the border without proper logistics and overestimatin' the capabilities of their elite troops.

  16. You don’t think the intelligence, planning and equipment from the west has helped Ukraine? Putin thinks it has helped, I recall Putin being called a genius for walking right into ukraine

  17. Intel and planning and the weapons that made it to the frontlines have contributed to Ukraine's success, but not as much as the blunders of overconfident Russian Generals. As for Russia itself, I honestly can't see this war as the end of the road for them, as Russia continues to be a major exporter of oil and natural gas.

  18. Short term, you don't need to Bug Out unless your home becomes damaged beyond repair or it suddenly catches fire. Long-Term, you will have to Bug Out, as you will pick the area clean, the water will stop runnin', and your home will inevitably become the target of looters.

  19. Seriously? Switzerland, you do realize that your country gets colder in winter than a witch's teat in winter, especially at night. Throwin' people in prison for stayin' warm is worse than barbaric.

  20. Power to the people who still have Common sense. 'F' the WEF.

  21. Screw the Caviar Eaters. They want us to be bug eatin' serfs who sleep in pods while they continue to eat steak and Filet Mignon and Caviar in their mansions.

  22. Huh, maybe they should hire some people to fix their water instead.

  23. Flint, Michigan wasted the taxpayer money that could fix their water supply to stack the deck. I've lost all sympathy for them.

  24. Isn't MSNBC the network that was backing protesters and activists to loot, rape, and murder during the 2020-2021 riots?

  25. Yes, they were. If the Left didn't have Double Standards, they would have no standards.

  26. To the people who downvoted my previous reply, you're crucifyin' a man over one person who died in an isolated incident that occurred eight years ago. The number of Americans who die from a diet of greasy fatty high cholesterol diet in a year is a lot more than that.

  27. I got you where I could, but you can't account for people who love to control others when it won't even result in murder of others. I don't know how to counter the craziness.

  28. This country was built on the rights of the individual, yet there are people who think that Public Safety justifies violatin' the rights of Americans.

  29. Who is the enemy in SHTF? The people who will try to steal your stuff. Let's be honest, there are people who will try to take what you have and if society collapses, havin' a weapon and knowin' how to use it will be your best defense. I ain't sayin' that you should be a trigger-happy recluse. Helpin' your neighbors is a better long-term strategy than shootin' everythin' that moves on sight, provided that they can offer somethin' useful in return.

  30. If people can't afford to fill their cars with gas, they can't afford electric vehicles. Only a moron would think otherwise.

  31. When SHTF occurs, be prepared to shoot first and ask questions later. The kind of people who are willin' to go all the way to your house to steal a few dollars' worth of food won't hesitate to kill you when they no longer fear law enforcement.

  32. Russian Disinformation= Anythin' that goes against the Left's narrative

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