1. I miss her 1989 style. She was killing it.

  2. I feel like everyone always says this until they’re put in that position. People stalk his home waiting for him to come out to his car, then follow him to the next spot and take pictures & yell at him, rinse and repeat. For 13+ years straight, every. single. day. You could deal with that for (almost) more than half of your life? You’d never get annoyed & say something with a rude tone?

  3. In all fairness, there are celebs who have been as famous and or, famous as long as him. Who still have the decency to stop. I’ve seen Zac Efron being rushed through the airport by security, and such and he still stops for the kid, who is probably being used as a reseller.

  4. How one celebrity responds does not mean every other celeb has to respond the same. Every person is different. Everyone has their limits. He has asked people to not wait around outside his home/hotel and yet they refuse to respect his wishes and boundaries. THAT’S fucking rude. If I ask you this simple thing to just not harass me every time I walk out the front door, and you refuse? I’m cocking an attitude every single time. You are not entitled to a celebrity’s every waking moment they are outside the doors of their home.

  5. Multiple celebrities, not “just one” — and we’re gonna have to disagree here; and I think that’s all right.

  6. You should see the Swedes, I watched one show and all they do is drop it.

  7. Because woman are crapped on by society and expected to look beautiful, be perfect, and other standards. It’s bull.

  8. I’ve read Girl at Home Is about zac??? I did not recall this pop culture moment until she released the song and this post

  9. It’s just a misconception. Apparently she was asked in SS, like Rep or w.e and she was like no, and it was apparently recorded in 2011.

  10. It’s not honest to literally make stuff up and state it like it’s fact lmao

  11. I’m not making anything up, there is a quote, I can’t remember if it was from video, or transcription — where Liam and or Louis says Harry buys a shoe size, bigger or two than his actual size.

  12. Mate what lmfao I didn’t say my friends met him, that was you! I said I met people who know him because I did, I used to go to the same club he regularly went to and still goes to sometimes. I was balls deep in the 1D fandom and I don’t remember that “quote” but regardless wearing shoes that are bigger than your feet doesn’t make you taller and also you’re deliberately choosing photos where people look shorter than usual, like? 😂

  13. Nah, the general consensus is we loved them together and think she did him dirty. I’ve never seen anyone say otherwise.

  14. Nah I’ve seen a lot of hardcore Stan accounts. The big ones too, imply that he’s a gold digger, etc.

  15. ok so i just looked at the rant and it reads as passive aggressive to me. like yes he did have a point and he did say a nice thing or two about her, but all she wanted was credit for the song. maybe she changed her mind and wanted it to be known. it wasn’t necessarily tearing him down. i think he misinterpreted it that’s why he’s hated in that fandom, besides other reasons.

  16. She was equally passive aggressive though. She would get her team purposely leak to TMZ. Like the song being written by her was her leak to get back at him, and other occasions. That was Taylor’s petty passive aggressive moves but she’s downlow about it to look perfect.

  17. I believe she’s gone, wtf. I loved her in for Richer or Poorer, and various other films.

  18. have you heard any tea about dylan? i’ve heard nothing but bad things about cole, haven’t seen anything about dylan tbh

  19. Not really because he doesn’t work as big production as Cole ATM with a big show.

  20. They're not bratty at all considering they started out at Disney. They just have gone on to do very different things with their lives and are interesting because of that.

  21. They’re very bratty, lol. Cole is a pretentious jerk.

  22. I think it's worth a watch just for Amy Adam's duality with her character. A fair bit of nostalgia played into my decision to watch it and I wasn't disappointed.

  23. Amy was so good whenever she switched into ‘evil stepmother’ I couldn’t stop noticing her specific hand gestures and not just voice change it was brilliant.

  24. Why would he have control of her social media posts when her posts are so chaotic? That doesn’t even read like him at all.

  25. Who is renting for $15k a month? Girl at that rate get a mortgage

  26. Sometimes students and so forth actually go after these mansions, and they get a lot of people splitting the rent amongst each other.

  27. He bought it to rent I’d guess - passive income. But. Jeez 15k is a lot, even split 6 ways that’d be 2,500 for shared living.

  28. A lot of people shockingly do that though, I heard from my Canadian mates that in Canada students and such will rent out massive mansions (bigger than this home) and pay a lot for a room.

  29. I feel like this could have been a GOOD thing for GMA, I’d tune in to watch them!

  30. Right? I didn’t even know they existed until now, and so many people have been paying attention since the messy scandal.

  31. Every time I see photos of them I get reminded when Taylor Swift was going through a Liz and Richard phase then comparing her and Joe to them, lmao.

  32. I imagine she just liked the sound of being able to say "Burton to THIS Taylor", but it's a really weird comparison considering you probably don't want your OTP to be in any way like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor's relationship

  33. Oh I’m not even talking just about her lyrics. There was just a lot of Burton and Liz obsession during her Rep secret sessions. I forget all the gossip back then but she kept painting them as that couple, which is bonkers because exactly what you said. Why would anyone want to be compared to it. She was going through some weird phase again, just like she did Kennedy’s.

  34. Oh… I don’t know, maybe because the weird fucking opening scene where her mom tries to drown her, and that never happened before? Oh and the porn fetish influenced galore of Marilyn?

  35. There is no way to make a satisfying sequel to Mean Girls.

  36. They pretty much did that already with that Rebel Wilson cheerleader movie, and ‘He’s All That’ the whole social media shift in society and “influencer is the cool girl” really doesn’t transition or age well in films. I hope they don’t lol

  37. Honestly, I would love a Mean Girls sequel, but not in todays world. Social media shifted everything, and the charm and relatability of the first one is going to be unmatched. Look what they did to She’s All That, they butchered it and made it a social media galore.

  38. I’m so sorry but this so weird to me. Ariana turns 30 next year but for some reason she insists on infantilizing herself. Why?

  39. It’s the same reason why Paris Hilton did it, apparently it sells.

  40. I don’t follow her but I searched up his name on Twitter and fans on Nov 1st reposted a video of him touching his face while he was driving. The fans were like, “she knows what they’re saying about them … The cheating rumors.”

  41. Definitely Kanye, I never liked him, but like seeing him the way he is now just makes me surprised in a way because he is definitely having mental breakdowns, and acting more erratic than ever but people seem to forget he’s bi-polar.

  42. Oh please. I would lie to you all too if I was famous, wouldn’t want you using that shit against me lol 😂

  43. I mean considering Billie’s branding is really far from the typical ‘feminine, America’s sweetheart angel’ type … If anything if she did smoke weed (esp w her fan base) it wouldn’t harm her image in any way..

  44. I remember watching her documentary where she talked about never having tried anything & her and her parents were talking about how the media shames celebrities for trying drugs— basically saying she doesn’t do anything now but if that changes in the future then who cares. So i believe that she hasn’t, i don’t think she would have any issues being up front.

  45. Her parents are weird it’s almost like they want her to lol…

  46. Walk the Line is a really good movie, I can understand why Reese won for it. She ate.

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