I made a fake tinder as the Witch King of Angmar just to be silly, but one of my matches took the bit and ran with it so today I went on a date with them- as the Witch King

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  1. Did you listen to an episode of freakonomics? They covered this too. Was a fabulous episode! Great food for thought.

  2. "We need to control this behaviour" - in a relationship that's a red flag, then why should I put up with this in a professional relationship. Urgh!

  3. Mir hat es enorm geholfen es alles zu verteilen. In excel, auf dem papier, app (YNAB) wie auch immer.

  4. My dad got rear ended on his way to work about a year ago. The car caught on fire and the 4 people in it straight up ditched it and ran. Only upside was the back pain he got led to an MRI which found his cancer.

  5. Glad to see you are able to see the positives! Hope they caught it early and he is doing well! I'll be cheering him on from afar!

  6. Found this set of rings at a yard sale in Austin,TX. It says hydrant on it, but doesn't fit any hydrant sketches I was able to find online. Quite heavy, metal, no results online from the ID number.

  7. It’s not particularly valuable or rare, this person simply framed it for sentimental reasons. Someone else would likely buy it for sentimental reasons. I wouldn’t be looking at this as some kind of rare find or secret treasure but rather some memorabilia that is worthless to some and sentimental to others. Honestly I can’t see anyone paying more than maybe $100 (or whatever the value of the frame itself is) because the poster itself is worthless and isn’t really a collectors item. There were likely tens of thousands of these printed (and probably still printed as replicas today) and there’s no “originality” besides the handwritten message on the back giving some idea of when this particular poster might have been gifted originally.

  8. It seems to be the general consensus. And that's quite alright. I never thought I'd be getting rich over it, I just thought it was cool. I just believed it'd be worth something to someone and bought it rather than have it gathering dust in a garage.

  9. Take it from everyone else here, cuz they're probably tired of me spewing on about Aggie history, it's something I enjoy. Nice find, thx for taking care of it and if you go thru selling it, hopefully ya get a profit and pass it on to a good Ag!

  10. Thanks! I shall try and find a good home for it. Hopefully make a couple bucks and make someone happy :)

  11. I tracked it as an expenditure. It will be heavily negative for a month or 2 but then money should start flowing in again pretty quickly from the books that have good sign up offers but not many o going offers.

  12. The size of the debt section compared to the number is just ... impressive. The sum of the sections is equally ... creative. I don't even know where to start 🤣🤣

  13. Never click these promoted/ads. Never.

  14. I always click, they pay per click. But then don't follow through.

  15. Scroll around on the target site for a few seconds as well, clicks followed by immediate bounces aren't necessarily billed.

  16. Ja genau. Normal so zwischen 100 - 200 Seiten am Tag. Aber Kombi aus Hörbücher und tatsächliches Bücherlesen. Ca. 50/50 geteilt.

  17. Oh wo du schon Sanderson erwähnst. Wheel of time. Super serie.

  18. Knowing - with certainty - that I can just pay any ‘true expense’ bill when it arrives, because that money is in the budget. No waiting for the ‘right day after I get paid,’ the money is there and I know it.

  19. I am still slightly struggling with that. I have a ton of cash in HYSA but I want to do everything in my power not to touch that. So although my categories are flush, my bank account is still empty when a true expense comes through and then I time it with the paycheck. Am I doing it wrong? Or am I just too pedantic. Lol

  20. Good for you! I wish I had those skills...

  21. Let me know if you want some help! I built a spreadsheet when I left YNAB, it is setup for my specific situation, but would be happy to sit down with you and build one specifically for your requirements. It is what I do for fun haha.

  22. Hahahaaaaa I didn't realise that sub exists. Have never cringed so much! Ah that makes me feel better thanks for a good hearty laugh today 😆

  23. I am very much at the beginning of my journey, but am on track to retire early. Can someone point me in the direction of some resources on how I should balance my pre- vs deferred vs post-tax accounts to ensure that all is covered for all periods after retirement? I want to take advantage of the free money, but also want to ensure I am covered for the years between early retirement and being able to pull from the 401k.

  24. I have a savings account with Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Best interest rate I could find. Not great but better than 7p lol

  25. Just beware, it is calculated as the time since your subscription started, not until the next payment. So any free months from using referral codes won't be counted and are just lost.

  26. I'm a data analyst by trade and nature, so building my own spreadsheet, playing with the data and graphs.. to me it's what counts as a "fun t8ne" lol

  27. Why would you make a non-retirement brokerage account off-budget? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  28. I would want to depend on selling my non-retirement brokerage shares to buy my food.

  29. I believe it is Ready To Budget = SUM(Balances) - SUM(AVAILABLE)

  30. Ynab taught me so much. The system is really changing my perspective and I have loved it. And I don't think I would have learned this much without their content or the community. But do I really need it forever? Year after year? Will I continue to learn enough worth the subscription once the system is internalised?

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