1. Most broken and OP card I’ve used this year and maybe ever. That includes prime R9, past TOTY Mbappe and TOTY Ronaldo

  2. He looks to be a unit of a player! I had his Gold pretty much since the game came out and only just switched to Rooney for nostalgia. This TOTY Haaland 79 balance seems weird no? He legit never gets muscled off a ball IRL…

  3. Surely Saka is another viable choice? Did you watch his performance/goal v UTD? TBF Rashfords goal in that was also pretty damn good

  4. Rashfords goal was better in my opinion. His skill vs Partey before the goal was sooo nice.

  5. Yeah I know it’s POTM I was just using that game as a reference

  6. Apparently it means he/they are the Featured TOTW players - were lower rated and got a bigger boost than usual/the other players

  7. Not sure 🤷🏼‍♂️ I just found this Reddit for some answers

  8. Can you get TOTY Icons from this? seeing as they replace their mid & prime versions

  9. Will TOTY Icons be back too? And do you think they’ll get SBCs?

  10. We don't even get a week to pack him... They're only in packs for 3 days and 15 hours from now

  11. Actually will they come back into packs after they leave in like a day and a few hours from now?

  12. They can make tuna by themselves move into space dude

  13. This must be next gen I'm still on PS4 so I don't have hypermotion or make tuna yet

  14. Yeah it’s next Gen and you gotta have the latest update TunaMaker.2.0

  15. Play in lower division and don't progress. Play one normal game and if you won that game play next one, score own goal and go on over and over again. That way you won't progress in higher division. I know it's little bit scummy but it's really a only way to don't get smashed on very high div. This way you can either play 50-50 game or kinda win easy. But at least you give some from yourself and give away some wins to different people. I don't see other way sadly.

  16. Yeah fair I get what you mean now. But why do that? What’s the benefit of staying in a lower Div but playing X amount of games there?

  17. It's way easier to get the reward upgrade (for which you need 8 wins) if you're playing in the lower div. The "upgrade" in rewards from, say div3 to div2, doesn't justify the grind it takes to get to 8 wins in the higher div. Same goes for other objectives, too, as well as WL qualifiers.

  18. TBH I don’t understand Rivals and WL and Champs that well or possibly at all hahaha v new to it all 🙏🏼

  19. I haven’t got mine despite logging out and in a million times… is there something I need to do to get it?

  20. Update: still haven’t received it… have you/anyone else??

  21. Typical EA. Release TOTY Attackers and give me an Attackers pack that doesn’t exist…

  22. He was the chosen one!? It was said that he would join the moles, not destroy them!

  23. So you’re saying we can’t get Icons from these sort of packs?

  24. Can you explain the first 15 minutes thing? Wanna know if I should get up and be ready at 5am on the dot to open a couple packs - daddy needs a good ST

  25. Ah like just missed the cutoff sort of thing I get it

  26. What does the star above the OVR rating mean? Like Ward-Prowse and Diatta

  27. How is WW Robertson? I’m still rocking Gold Robbo and curious. The speed upgrade is insane

  28. KDB, Allison, Koulibaly, Robertson, VVD, Haaland (hoping to get a better ST in the next week or so though and will probably bench him)

  29. I mean they added a card type called TOTY Icons it’s 100% going down.

  30. What is a TOTY Icon? I thought Icons were past players and TOTY was for this current year/season ?

  31. I honestly had always thought the same. Seems to make more sense to me that way. But who am I to question EA?

  32. My brother in Christ, who is anyone to question EA

  33. Nah, EA states a 'solid player' is less likely to be injured during a collision.

  34. Ah wow I always assumed Solid Player was like, they performed consistently like they’re always solid/reliable when they play

  35. Rinse the upgrades and finish the objectives

  36. What are these upgrades people keep talking about?

  37. The winter league upgrade sbc, there’s the normal and the premium version, everytime you complete the whole section (4 sbc’s), there’s the sbc reward for each sbc and an objective reward for all 4 sbc’s

  38. Is that the SBC with like 11 Libertadores from the same club and other random ass ones?

  39. Base Henry 😅 My hero and the reason I started playing football but I have Prime Gakpo…. To be fair I do sub Henry on sometimes 🙏🏼

  40. I am curious of this. Is it making the bows that make you money or Fletching the arrows? And do you need to string the bows to make the most money?

  41. I fletch Maple and also Yew Longbows (u) - depends on profit but usually Yew which is slightly lower profit but better XP. Can smash out 1000 (u) bows so fast. If you string them it’s even faster but more click intensive but obviously better profit.

  42. im gonna end up doing at least 70-92 fletching yew longbows (u), it makes bank ngl, it just takes a while

  43. Yeah but the upside is it’s not very click intensive and fairly fast to fletch a whole inventory. GL!

  44. I think the 2nd onde unlocks when you get to lvl 9 and the 3rd in lvl 19 I reckon

  45. Cheers yeah, but things like Distance Shooter comes on randomly during the game I don’t know how to “trigger” it

  46. L1 yeah. I don't like to use it as I want to position myself as I would in a real match but I tried to hold it for a full game to see if my rating went up and it didnt

  47. Isn’t that only for the goalkeepers positioning in regards to his own goal mouth though? It’s on the Goalkeepers button help page. I’ll try it next match and see regardless

  48. Can I ask what you mean by LB so that it automatically positions the player (or I’m assuming is L1 on PS5) does? Just started on Pro player and appreciate any help 🙏🏼

  49. for example I unpacked a couple of untradeable cards who are usefull to my team. ONly problem is that i ahve to play Di Maria TOTT on 0 chem as i have to palce him in midfield.....will he be poor ingame?

  50. As an update to you my 32 has been going amazing still, can’t see a discernible difference between 33 and 32 - just love the players you’re using and have fun I guess

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