1. I'm writing this comment mostly to remind myself that yes, it really is that bad.

  2. Omg! Hope you make it out soon, so much control! I used to focus on making the most a out of what I had and keep my head down, I saved all I could and stopped dating at all in college (I wasn’t allowed to go study somewhere else so I was stuck at the university that was closest to home) just to make it out. And it was worth it! I got a job on cruise ships so I could justify no longer living at home and finally made it out

  3. I'm working on it now. I have a full time, well-paying job and a down payment saved up for a house... it has just been impossible trying to buy something in this crazy market we're in. I hate the idea of forking over an entire mortgage payment to an apartment, but as I go back and read this I feel like I'm insane for not just going and getting one. I would LOVE a job on a cruise ship! That sounds amazing!

  4. I'm 35 and haven't had a boyfriend since I was 22. Can't recall the last time someone told me I was pretty. I hate that.

  5. Just an idea, order an extra bowl, put chips in, flip your ingredients into the extra bowl and BAM your own nachos.

  6. Oh girl/guy, YES. This is absolutely me. Had a mental breakdown last week over a tiff with a friend of mine. Whyyyyy am I liikeeee thisssss

  7. Yes.. because people are „dangerous“ and you have to be cautious at all times. Better not go anywhere and stay safe at home in front of my computer. 😕

  8. Yes, I remember bringing boyfriends over in my early 20s and my Dad not speaking to me for days because they were in our house and "annoying" him because he couldn't "act normally". And I was never allowed over at any of my friend's houses and when I was it was a rare occasion.

  9. You know he started dating you when you were a teenager on purpose, right? So he could say insane shit like that and have you take it as gospel, because you were young and inexperienced and he’s older and “wiser”?

  10. Start your chess moves now. I started 4ish years ago and I'm so glad I did. I'm making my moves now to get out, don't be in the same spot in one, two, three years from now. Can you take a course online to get certified in something and get a better job instead of working toward a degree? Can you pick up another job? Can you work extra hours? How much money are you able to stash back? Do you have a credit score? Can you get a card at a local bank to get a credit score? All things you need to consider. An apartment will require a credit check.

  11. I had visitor recently, who was on period and my dog went absolutely mental about her. Could it be that?

  12. for the longest time I thought that other parents being nice was just a front all adults put up when they are outside the home. I could not get it through my head that parents could be sincerely nice, concerned or caring.

  13. Once... my Dad wanted me to help him calibrate the new speedometer in his car. Except, I had ZERO clue what any of the words meant and it seemed he needed a machine to do it. He told me very loudly that because I have a college degree I should be able to figure this out. Then he drove the car incredibly fast on a 55 mph road and I thought he was going to roll it. Fun times I tell ya.

  14. All these people are really judging him.. however.. I think you need to check out

  15. So.. I have a question about this (not specifically to you, so anyone else going through this, feel free to respond)

  16. Mine goes something similar to this... it's generally "I just want to be someone else for a while" like, I want to stop living this life I'm in and go be someone else and then decide if I want to come back to it or not.

  17. I am in the same boat as you! Can they all just chill out until the rates go to 8% and let us have our homes now?

  18. Yep, I also figured it out at age 30. I feel so behind. Totally thought I was normal!

  19. Mine were also helicopter parents. I'm now in my 30s and they still are. I still have to let them know everywhere I go, as if I am 16. It's miserable.

  20. I thought forever I was afraid of heights. Because I was always told I was afraid of heights. Turns out I'm not.

  21. Same, exact, thing and I'm 35. Stop this now! You'll be stuck like me! I have to message when I get to work, when I leave for lunch, when I get back, and before I come home. I have to message when I go anywhere. Not allowed out after dark. Get chewed out when I "go out" on a Saturday afternoon too many weekends in a row. Can't go in my room because I'm not being social with the family. It's just insanity. They say they're just looking out for my safety but its INCREDIBLY smothering.

  22. My Mom also went to this school of thought! Always telling me no.. no.. it's not safe it's not safe.

  23. There was a girl who went missing around here, they said she would never run away, was a cheerleader, etc. Except - she had no friends that came forward. Her eyes just looked sad in all of the photos. WEIRD vibes on the news from her Mother and I knew.. I just knew.

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