[Wojnarowski] BREAKING: The Phoenix Suns are nearing a blockbuster trade to acquire Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, sources tell ESPN. Durant wanted move to Suns, and new owner Mat Ishbia pushing to get deal done tonight.

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  1. Solid game. We were tested for sure. One thing is for sure, and it’s no hate on Spence, but Kyrie actually locks in more on defense than Spence. It makes a difference.

  2. For now. Then he's face guarding Giannis 1 on 1 in the playoffs.

  3. Lmao. Don’t worry. We’ll throw 5’10 McKinley Wright at him. He’ll never see it coming. Literally.

  4. They’re for sure about to trade J-Rich for a second. Let all the young bucks go for it and learn on the job. Sochan will have to do more now with Poeltl gone.

  5. Jesus, the shitting on Westbrook is getting out of hand. His contract is a liability but you are telling me a guy like him who playmakes and runs the offense can't even find a place in NBA? After this contract a lot of teams are willing to have him as your 6th man, instant offense from the bench with a reasonable price.

  6. I actually totally agree here. He was a big ask for teams because of his massive contract. But for 5 mil or less, he’s a steal.

  7. Literally it’s just the contract. Nobody wants the 40 million price tag

  8. Agreed. It’s messed up of any journalist or fan alike to think Russ doesn’t have a place in the league. He for sure does.

  9. To me, this trade signified that they are probably not going to be going for a playoff spot anymore. Now it’s about getting their young guys minutes and developmental time. They don’t need Russ for that. And honestly, Russ is still a solid floor raiser.

  10. All this tells me is that Lebron is fucking bonkers and Green loves chucking a little much.

  11. Green is averaging 60 FG%, 47.6 3pt%, 73.07 TS% in his 4 40 point games.

  12. Don’t know. With the reported yelling match yesterday during and after the Lakers game, it might have been more mutual.

  13. The clippers getting destroyed by the Mavs without Luka

  14. Man, let’s not get too hyped just because we have a lead on the Clips. Lot of games left

  15. cam reddish getting passed around like my ex girlfriend at coachella

  16. Traded your 4th best player how could it be worse

  17. Lmao. Ain’t no way you watch the Blazers and think he’s their 4th best player. Which probably means you haven’t watched the Blazers this seals. All good

  18. Damn, I still remember that tweet by Hart in October saying he freaking loves the Blazers.

  19. What’s the exact protection. That’s the important part. And what does it convey too if it falls within that.

  20. I could talk myself into think Russ off the bench could work. Don’t play him in the fourth though

  21. I don’t get it. They’ve basically given up Conley, Bojan up for Kelly Olynyk and a first. This is also begs to question. What does this mean for role players if the value is that low for quality guys like Vando and Beasley.

  22. Kyrie scored 50 in his Nets debut (a loss, though). Can his most recent team debut possibly be as dramatic? Let's see!

  23. I think some Mavs journalist was saying that the Mavs record for most points in a debut, was like 27 by Monta or something. Something around that.

  24. Unfortunately, he’s coming to the Mavs for JaVale. It’s sad. I know. Lmao

  25. Ain’t no way Lakers just got Russel, Beasley, and Vando for Russ and a top 4 protected first. Wtf

  26. Yeah, I didn’t think he was gonna hit it tonight. Never mind. He’s going for it. Even if he has to take 40 shots, he’s getting the record.

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