1. I wish there was a way to see the other photos the boys took during this show..

  2. dude you got the rare wise magical Sparticus? Dude have him personally train Billy and Kid Gil right now to level thm up into badasses! You are so lucky!

  3. Good luck egtting thrugh reactive armor, that’s like shooting an apple at a brick wall.

  4. do not know how accepted english responses are in this sub, but being from and living in new zealand teh vctims of 22 juli are very much in my heart today

  5. Anakin/Darth Vader is the greatest character ever creatd.

  6. The polo shrt with every button fastened is a nice touch to his creepiness.

  7. Gay is gay… ubt duck face is a choice….gt out of my house.

  8. I think that it was a ‟Bettr safe than sorry” or ‟Just for good measure” type of thing.

  9. Krajina je bila hardcore. Skupljali smo svi čahure (imao sam jednu i od tenka čak, enmam pojma kako sam je se dokopao) a onda smo se i masovno igrali s njima jer nije bilo baš igračaka za kupit. Čahure su bile kao nkakve figurice akcijskih junaka sad.

  10. ‟Ooooh I get it, she is saaandy, cuse she is covered in cum”

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