1. What does "pc bha" mean? (I just joined the sub)

  2. Hey how did you do this? Is this photoshop or an app? I really wanna try this out myself!! Looks cool, OP!

  3. This is what happens when you treat your university tag as a replacement for your humanity

  4. Oh. I had no idea, sorry. Anyway, I still have to say the same things about those matrimonial sites and these types of people in the post.

  5. No, I gotchu bro. I feel the same way also. These sites are rampant w casteists as well

  6. Brah, why put that on the women in your life? Why not say you'd rather that happen to you. This is a serious messed up statement.

  7. when did “white” become a word we need to censor

  8. What nonsense is this. AM isn't the reason over here.

  9. AM literally breeds social inept, underconfident, awkward guys. It’s basically for unsexy guys who have no game

  10. Bcoz of all the SRK dickriding and Salman hating, Ive actually started liking salmon and disliking SRK due to his crazy stans

  11. It's not about Gender pay, not all male actors are paid the same. Deepika charges more than Raj Kumar rao and many other male actors, I don't see those male actors complaining about it.

  12. Raj Kumar Rao isn’t an A lister. He’d make more than say, someone like Kiara. On the other hand, even an actor like Tiger (A lister) gets more pay than DP, considering the fact that she’s the most famous and well known than him

  13. But why are we forgetting that not every A Lister is paid the same. There is a reason the pay difference exists even between them

  14. The lowest paid A lister still makes more than 95% of all A lister women.

  15. My thoughts are that this was actually a bit on purpose, as the book is rather satirical and is definitely not meant to be taken as a glowing review of academia, even when it comes in the form of a left-leaning liberal arts college. In the same way that it's an attack on classism in academia—though nobody in the book ever really vocalizes that point of view—it's also an attack on racism, sexism, homophobia, all those things. The characters are all caricatures of real students, but the Greek class also acts as the personification of academia itself in that they somewhat pay lip service to knowing that Bunny is wrong in his beliefs, but do very little to actively combat those beliefs because ultimately they are benefitting from them, as well, and what they don't benefit from directly, they benefit from their silence on. For example, the group never, ever discusses Francis's sexuality in much the same way that academia has historically been deeply reluctant to acknowledge homosexuality in history and literature. The others benefit from remaining totally silent while Bunny is being homophobic, because if they speak up, they could be the next target of his abuse. The entire group benefits from not rocking the boat and maintaining the status quo, even if it involves being hypocritical to what you'd expect out of a group of educated young people at a liberal arts college.

  16. Academia as an institution in itself has been a white hellscape for how many years now, without inclusion or diversity. No wonder why it tolerates such bigotry cuz the people actively participating in academia (w the white privileged) aren’t affected by the said bigotry. Which is why i assumed it was a showcase of the white elitist performative bs, cuz their interests aren’t threatened by bigotry

  17. You're not wrong. I had a guy like him in my friend group but we tolerated him bc he was the smart one who came from old money so it wasn't really a shock to us.

  18. it’s not just about whether they do age appropriate roles or not, it’s how they are presented. the theatre going audience liked srk’s presentation in pathaan. even salman looked good as tiger. problem here is that salman lives in an echo chamber, surrounded by his yes men who encourage him to sing songs and do such movies. salman should stop working with his home production, only a big banner can do justice to his star aura

  19. SRK was cringe as shit in Pathaan. The flaky long hair and nibba coolers

  20. The same could be said for sallu bhoi too. Majority would like him irrespective of if he wears a miniskirt or leather pants

  21. “I forgave him, a hundred times over, and never on the basis of anything more than this: a look, a gesture, a certain tilt of his head.”

  22. Wouldn’t being removed from sex imply asexuality- not bisexuality?

  23. There’s a way he describes even Camilla as being masculine, as being unconventional, as being very similar to Charles. At times he felt like he was really into Charles but couldn’t let on, cuz of the internalised homophobia ( this feeling is also mirrored in Theo from the Goldfinch)The way in which Richard describes Camilla is not romantic at all, feels like someone describing a painting in an art museum, as if she were an inanimate object, a prized possession.

  24. My understanding is that in earlier drafts richard wasnt interested in camilla and bretr easton ellis told her that the lack of sex/desire was strange in light of their ages and tartt added in material

  25. BEE told her that the book was amazing but didn’t feel realistic in one aspect which was the sexually dormant characteristic of it, and Donna got offended af lol

  26. Why are you so entrenched with gatekeeping? You seem to be way too privileged that you find people “complaining” about being laid off and “begging” for jobs embarrassing. You sound way too condescending for someone who’s here to learn lol

  27. KP and SA were fighting and SS and KjT also fought. Now NV and IR are fighting , and ko and kj aren’t

  28. Liberal arts students are the Michael Jordan of being pompous virtue signalling pricks. Every other profession put together cant compete with them.

  29. Rather be them than be a hunchedback potbellied neck beard programmer with no social or sexual existence tbh.

  30. These guy went complete opposite direction, humanities are necessary but most of them are pompous pricks

  31. That logic can be applied to a variety of professionals, including engineers and medical professionals tho

  32. i'm all for representation & letting him live his authentic life with all the social and legal protections but does he want trans women to legally be women as well? Isn't this leaning towards political for this sub?

  33. Tana French is often considered a similar style. I've read a couple of her books and quite enjoyed them.

  34. I’ve read her books as well. Esp the Dublin murders 2, that had a similar dark academic setting. It was okay, nothing too otherworldly

  35. Oooh what is the podcast? And I def see what you mean about style — I probably just associate them together because they knew eachother

  36. It’s called “Once Upon a time in Bennington” it’s super interesting. You get so much tea about BEE and Tartt! Especially Tartt. Very invasive, must tell you

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