[OC] Pysanky, aka Ukrainian Easter eggs, hand made by my mother.

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  1. I got the Vera Bradley bundle, the Vera Bradley item is a “pen pouch” but perfect for a cosmetic bag. Also included hair oil, moisturizer, body scrubber, and hair mask.

  2. What brands were the other items. My hair needs help so maybe it’s worth is

  3. I couldn’t figure out how to post on here. I see they are trying to lure me back. What is the free holiday gift ? Im a sucker.

  4. I'm getting it because I have a sun allergy, and I don't have any fall/winter hats that have brims. So that's why I'm taking a chance on it. 😂 I also think it's cute.

  5. Me too! With the large head. I was worried it would fit. Someone told me it was adjustable but I’m not worried about it being too big, lol

  6. I think this is a question. They want to know what's currently sold out.

  7. What’d you get. If you don’t mind me asking. Starting to think I’ve maxed out useful items on this subscription.

  8. Ohh la la this looks awesome! Anyone ever use the dr Brandt vaccum cleaner. I am prone to blackheads and I like dr Brandt products.

  9. I’m annual and still “waiting to ship”… it’s been 3 1/2 weeks….

  10. Sweet. Just curious how much of this was add ons, and extras. I have been spending an average of 30-40 each month

  11. See New skincare, Allure. Occasionally AIA, Beauty Heroes, Boxwalla, Newbeauty testtube and their quarterly boxes always, Shape magazine has a good one every year.

  12. Hope there’s some left for us seasonal members. I am now looking forward to this box. So thanks

  13. I wanna see this. Wondering if I should cancel. But haven’t seen any real spoilers yet. Anyone know when they release the spoilers??

  14. I did t care for the babe lash. I’m uncoordinated and thought the line was too thick.

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