1. I think it might matter a lot for tessellation.

  2. Loads of people have explained the ups/downs in the response but I'll add one thing.

  3. Very interesting I'd heard something about this anecdotally from someone who worked in a shop and had access to the basement a while back.

  4. What's probably unknown to most who have not worked in shops is that pretty much all the ground floor shops in town have basements. Same for older buildings anywhere in town at the Station/Monument level pretty much.

  5. There has got to be a medieval sewer system under the city I'd imagine there is some connection

  6. lol Lort Burn WAS the Medieval sewer. That's where it got the name "Dirty Burn". I think you give a bit too much credit for the medieval British infrastructure. Very little of it was underground by design.

  7. That Coop at BHR seems to be super popular for meal deals.

  8. I love it when people chuck out random questions "some saturday in Feb"

  9. Work is further east of the city so i have to drive into the industrial area, thanks for the tip :)

  10. I didnt get any options from heaton :( but it is on the river-side

  11. Are your options are limited by specific rental picks by your employer?

  12. AI doesn’t seem to have worked out WTF a Yorkshire pudding is

  13. A lot of the Yorkshire puddings look like alien spore pods that have either burst or are awaiting an unsuspecting scientist to lean face first in for a whiff of death spores.

  14. This entire sub is Hi I’m planning on moving/visiting Newcastle, where should I live/stay/go

  15. Places that are both pram and hang around friendly:

  16. Popped up in my feed today in case you are interested in seeing what's on offer from TWAM. Most is for post-crawlers

  17. I agree if it's addressed correctly then this is wrong as well as illegal.

  18. Persons living alone or with exempt people can save 'a whopping' 25% (/s on the whopping) but it's important for new CT payers to understand if they live alone they can at least knock some of it off. But they have to tell the council so they know.

  19. Only those over the age of 35 will remember Benjys.

  20. The thing is that AST legislation dictates that the tenancy agreement must be 6 months or longer. That's why you find the 6 month thing commonly.

  21. I dunno. If they had the actual hot food ones they do in London, I'd be getting lunch there at least once a week.

  22. I didn’t realise wasabi was just a london thing. Wasabi irl is really good. The ready meal rice has the texture of cardboard but I still like it

  23. I dunno if there any hot ones out of London but there's none on Tyneside - YET.

  24. Idiots in Conservative party hate ID cards until they love ID cards

  25. People who cannot afford ID can receive a free ID that allows them to vote -

  26. Which is wild since the Tories literally dismantled the national ID card system which was voluntary. And was about tackling identity theft/fraud (an actual problem which affects loads of people) rather than voter fraud (which is practically negligible)

  27. stand on the right side of the escalator. if people on the street ask for you money, don't be afraid to say no. strangers keep to themselves. if you turn 18 during your stay and want to buy a drink expect it to cost at least a fiver. make sure to check out all of the things London has to offer, it's home to several world renown galleries and museums and they're mostly free.

  28. If you buy an ice cream from a Mister Whippy type van:

  29. Red House. Get your pie/mash/pint on the near end of the Quayside.

  30. He loves all the weapons and dress up side of it, but knights are his favourite. Arbea is in South shields isn't it? I forgot all about that one, trip on the ferry aswell which he would love.

  31. It is in S Shields but I just realised its closed until end of March. Probably similar to some of the other museums and Trust/Heritage properties that shut for the winter until April.

  32. Also not open for another month but there's Jarrow Hall too

  33. As someone who lives in the west end but a safe distance from Arthur's hill and the west road this tickles me. Maybe OP should also consider the great wall of Byker, similar likelihood of seeing "interesting" things there.

  34. AFAIK most people on here are using Arnold. Possibly because if they are learning now they are using what's 'in the box'.

  35. Oh yeah I just remember another VRay feature which I adore and has great use for the kind of work I do for clients:

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