US announces new $625M security package for Ukraine

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North Korea now has fired nearly 40 ballistic missiles this year, the largest number of ballistic missile launched in a single year. They are likely to stage ICBM, nuclear tests in near future: U.S. experts

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  1. News flash: Students who are used to getting inflated A grades and who won’t try anything at which they can’t earn an A, because ridiculous expectations, cry all the time. Lots.

  2. News flash: teachers are there to teach, not be "dismissive and unresponsive."

  3. News flash: STEM professors aren’t teachers. They’re really there to do research and facilitate labs. TA’s do the busywork with undergrads.

  4. NJ07 was gerrymandered this year to get Tom Kean into office.

  5. How does a Democratic state gerrymander to get a Republican to win? I'm not sure if it's an "Only in New Jersey" or "Only the Democrats" moment

  6. They took Democrats out of Malinowski's district to give them to (I believe) Andy Kim and Mikie Sherrill's districts, moving those two seats from light blue to solid blue but leaving NJ07 light red.

  7. Something to moisten the bread (mayo, mustard, or oil/vinegar but only ever one)

  8. You and your wife need to have a serious talk.

  9. According to Wikipedia: In biology, a cuckold is a male who unwittingly invests parental effort in juveniles who are not genetically his offspring.

  10. If you date a single mom and are somehow duped into "unwittingly" investing parental efforts into them... that feels like something has gone seriously wrong in your life.

  11. No, just missing the point of your comment. Haha

  12. Present two options: he agrees to and sticks with a cleaning schedule without having to be asked (this schedule will include having to do specific activities on specific days, not just "I'll vacuum the house at some point this week") or he pays for a cleaning lady.

  13. Ireland is my realistic destination, because I speak the language and have EU citizenship.

  14. Is this a mathematical scale where 5 is average, or like school grades where a 7 is average?

  15. Never even attempts to suggest splitting the bill or taking turns early on into dating would be a red flag.

  16. It can be a cultural thing if you’re dating the girl.

  17. Not trying to be an asshole but imagine what that money could be used for here. Going towards social programs and housing and making sure people aren't sleeping on the streets. Going to our Veterans, and families. Universal healthcare.

  18. I don't think you can fund universal healthcare with $1.89 per person.

  19. I don’t thinks it’s about the $1.89 a person. It’s about the never ending aid to other countries. I get it though. America (to most of the world) is the leader of democracy and humanitarian aid but behind the scenes, not so much. Until we can fix our problems, maybe easing up on aid to other countries would be great. Infrastructure, healthcare, homelessness, education. We are falling behind but yet countries like China are surpassing us. It’s selfish but the US is reaching crisis level. We are now forced to outsource everything because we are no longer competitive.

  20. We spend about $50 billion per year on foreign and military aid. That number is pre-Ukraine, so throw on another $50 billion or so.

  21. I went to a local eye doctor for a prescription and then used it to buy glasses at Warby Parker. I liked the frame options and the process was easy.

  22. It's pretty cool how Republican voters don't care that he was pro-abortion, pro-gun control, and voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time, but then someone was mean to Trump so he switched all of his policy views overnight.

  23. We were at a wedding for one of my late husband's 90000 cousins when my father-in-law got absolutely smashed. Falling down, incoherently drunk.

  24. Just the idea of whether or not you want to get married someday down the road? I think first date is fine.

  25. Ironically got hit by a drunk driver, and the force of the impact fixed a chronic back problem I'd been suffering from for years.

  26. So? There aren't enough to offset the female streamers. Get real

  27. I'm not sure what you decided to be angry about, I was just pointing out that guys using thirst traps to target gay viewers on Twitch exist.

  28. I thought this exact same thing. Until I spoke with a younger cousin. I asked, "what's the point of watching someone else play a game, why not play it yourself?" His response floored me. "You watch football don't you? Why do you watch it and not play it yourself?" The only response I could think of at the moment was, "it's an opportunity to watch the best of the best (elite athletes) compete." He said it's the same thing watching streamers, they are much better than I am plus they make it entertaining.

  29. I'd just generally be there for her, invite her over if she doesn't want to be alone, that kinda thing. But also not take it personally if she wants to be alone or doesn't want me involved with any family stuff (and would ask her permission before deciding to go to the funeral)

  30. North Korea only country out here fighting the threat of Namor.

  31. Meh. I weigh myself every day for medical reasons (fluid retention is a possible side effect of a drug I'm on and my doctor told me to report it to him if I ever experience it) but after so many years of the scale pretty much never changing by more than a couple pounds in either direction, it's just monotonous at this point.

  32. Currently enjoy Prot + Arms Warrior, Holy Priest, Resto + Feral Druid, and Prot + Ret Paladin

  33. Just in case there was any misunderstanding about the point of this suit,

  34. Whatever is at the top of my shirt drawer

  35. 8 off the top of my head, just in terms of friends and immediate family members.

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