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  1. Dude has the body of a 27 year old and grey hair. I know he’s like 600 years old or something, but they didn’t make him look “old.”

  2. So what will this actually mean in terms of what the Democrat Senators could do?

  3. They could, but this makes that less impactful because all you would have to do is peel away Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins or any other non-MAGA that Trump has primaried or abused and it’s over.

  4. Don't kid yourself, the Republicans never peel off when it counts. Just one case in point, Obamacare, when that disgusting stooge Lieberman sabotaged the public option, Obama couldn't get a single Republican to break ranks, not even Olympia Snowe from Maine and she was retiring.

  5. Lisa Murkowski has done it multiple times, which is why Trump targeted her.

  6. I only have about 500 hours, but I prefer survivor and it has been painful this month. I’ve been stuck at iri IV and the main reason I can’t advance is because about a third of my games have a suicide on hook or DC because my fellow survivors just give up.

  7. People undervalue competent leadership and overvalue change for its own sake. Be careful what you wish for.

  8. I’m completing old times and came across the challenge to open two hatches with keys. I’ve played this game for around 500 hours and not once opened a hatch with a key. How on earth did you all complete this?

  9. Also bring a hatch offering so you know where it's going to be. Hide in a locker or something nearby for when the killer closes it, they'll then likely go patrol the exit gates unless they remembered you brought a key. That should give you enough time to open it.

  10. That seems really dicey as there are a ton of things that have to go right for this to work. Can only purple keys open hatch? That seems like a huge bottleneck as I rarely see them. Even if I could store a few I would then have to find myself as the last survivor AND go unnoticed AND hope I get a killer who doesn't camp the hatch to either grief or give it to me.

  11. If by curious, you mean, attempted to run off with the toddler in his mouth, but failed, yes , it was ‘curious’

  12. That is normal coyote behavior and should be expected. My point is that we shouldn’t wage a war against an animal because of this event.

  13. It left when the adult arrived. It’s possible it had rabies, but coyotes can take down fawns.

  14. The fact that anyone DCs at first down or really at ALL (except in extreme circumstances) is stupid. It may not sound like a hot take, but apparently it is to a good chunk of this community.

  15. I just wish they would protect your pips on abandoned games the same way they refund your offerings.

  16. It's actually really fun and well-balanced

  17. How about Ukraine? Didn't zelensky just extradited/haulted the russian orthodox church?

  18. “The Orthodox Church in Russia has repeatedly voiced support for the Kremlin’s nine-month-old invasion of Ukraine. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, who heads the Russian Orthodox Church, has described the war as a “metaphysical struggle” between Moscow and the West.”

  19. Depends on if this a an East or West German guard. The Stasi did not adhere to western notions of due process.

  20. Sets a poor precedent. Today it's the Elgin Marbles tomorrow it will be the Rosetta Stone.

  21. As it should be. Every piece should be returned. If the home country does not have the means to preserve it, then pay them to host it and deduct a service fee.

  22. Won't thry just ruin it then sell it off to China tho? Maybe we should keep them in England.

  23. The “they’ll just use it to buy drugs” line of argument about cultural repatriation. Unreal.

  24. I just love the stock. That’s all.

  25. I can’t see why. It has had one profitable quarter over the last decade. You are in a cult.

  26. Holodomor and Asharshylyk was genocide, deportations of nations as well, rest is just totalirian crimes not aimed on ethnicity,

  27. Although it wasn't on the same scale, I would also consider the Katyn massacre and the invasion of Poland another genocide perpetrated by Stalin.

  28. Gotta say, I disagree with this decision to call the Holodomor a genocide. While yes, the horrors of the famine and the almost unimaginable destruction Soviet policies had on the Ukrainian population were absolutely atrocious, this really only falls into being a horrific man-made famine without any clear cut intention of eradicating one race or ethnicity.

  29. I understand your desire for proof. Are you familiar with the Soviet relationship with Ukraine from the beginning of the Bolshevik revolution? Ukrainian anarchists and nationalists fought a guerrilla war against collectivization for years. This wasn't a "whoopsie, we just unalived millions of Ukrainians on our march to a better world" situation. Stalin had been purging Ukrainian nationals for years and replaced them with hand-picked stooges, and even blacklisted entire villages that were aligned with Cossacks. When people tried to flee a region that was blacklisted, the Soviets imposed a passport system that locked them in place all but ensuring a high death toll. This famine endured for over a year. This wasn't a tragic accident, it was genocide.

  30. Two reasons: (1) I don't have the capacity to memorize which gens my team has knocked out and which ones remain and (2) the 5% buff.

  31. Based on the way most of my matches against him go, knight apparently.

  32. This is why I use streamer mode and anonymize myself. Some folks are so salty they are hungry to seethe all your profile.

  33. You know you are in the wrong, but try to claim “it’s just a prank, bro!” Your user name is one letter away from a person who was responsible for the death of millions of people, including my family members, and you wonder why people don’t just “lighten up?”

  34. Like I said, allegedly. People from billionaire families are weirdos. They're rich enough to get away with the sickest of fantasies. I'll probably get downvoted for saying that but idc. I believe it lol

  35. The glorious People's Republic of China has never used tanks against protestors. To suggest so is treasonous. More will be explained at the voluntary learning camp.

  36. The blue rectangle on his lower back is not a pack. It's a thick piece of foam polyethylene "каремат". You carry it on lower back and move it under your butt when you sit down on the ground. It insulates your butt from dirt, cold and moisture when sitting outdoors. It's very popular in outdoors community in Ukraine. Now they're adopted by military on both sides as well.

  37. Merriam-Webster's definition of "micturate":

  38. “I just want to understand this, sir. Every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the owner?”

  39. Also, the notifications are red, the gens are red, auras are red... I have to wear headphones to kill on that map.

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