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  1. I don’t care about being semitic

  2. He's so hardcore that he doesn't need electronic computing. He's manually simulating a Turing machine with post it notes by hand.

  3. He also managed to connect to the internet by raising his voice to 2.4GHz and shouted to the router

  4. Not loud, it’s outside of hearing range

  5. Your microwave clock is accurate?

  6. Sorry that's not an option.

  7. It usually doesn’t work when opened from the inside

  8. but i didnt get to take a picture so heres a picture of a completely normal pigeon so you can imagine that its white

  9. But the background is also white, so I imagined just a solid white image

  10. I don't think you would get shot for punching someone or accidently touching a car

  11. You might if it is a cop car

  12. How else would I move all the tires at home

  13. Is the normal route the one which goes around Al Hofuf (in a sort of ring around it)? Thanks for the information!

  14. Yes, I’m from Al Hofuf and used this route many times

  15. هذا طريق العقير - سلوى . مش الهفوف سلوى

  16. كان يقصد الطريق الثاني رقم ١٠ مفتوح بس بعيد واجد وقليل الخدمات

  17. No, unborn means go back in where you came out.

  18. You know what? You're right. Because otherwise, I was their best employee, lol.

  19. You’re right, I’m talking about both of us, and every best employee who gets punished for showing up 1 minute late

  20. As a developer you’re not responsible for the content of the frontend, you can add demo content where the real content should be. For example in the company I work at, there’s media and marketing department and they do that for us.

  21. Q1. Was that a snapchat filter?

  22. That’s amazing I will be speechless if it really worked

  23. Speaking from experience, it's usually because the wrong formula can still occasionally get you the right answer by sheer coincidence, but not always, which by definition means it doesn't work as a formula. If you confuse a plus sign with a multiplication sign, then 2+2 still equals 4. However, later on you're gonna use that same formula you "learned" to say 2+3=6, and you're gonna be even MORE mad when people tell you that's completely wrong.

  24. Or you picked up the final answer from the person next to you and put a random formula to make it look like you put effort

  25. Go to bed and sleep, this is a future problem

  26. Campers are just easy still targets

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