1. Must be washed shortly prior to eating. Don't tongue the hole

  2. Felching is awesome. Sometimes this involves a straw in the hole.

  3. Don't fart in your partners mouth unless you have agreed to this. (Yes this is hot, but you can't just surprise them with it.)

  4. The LCD TVs often degrade standard def material. (One of the reasons why I hate them.) CRT TVs do not do this.

  5. Transformer, wall wart, power adapter, AC adapter, power pack. If it uses USB and is for charging, USB charger. If you are actually doing a search for one, I'd go with AC adapter. Or if it does use USB, USB power adapter or USB charger.

  6. Cord cutters. Often they tend to act like a shill for it every chance they get.

  7. I didn't realize cutting cable was such a sacred ritual, maybe we should start sacrificing old remotes for good internet speed.

  8. Often they tend to act like a shill for it every chance they get. That's the cult part.

  9. Some guys may choose to suck it out (perhaps with a straw) while eating/rimming.

  10. They should have just changed the name to the Washington Foreskins

  11. The sex act where a guy fucks a woman during her period, cums inside her, then inserts a funnel and pisses in it, then eats her out as she expells the mixture onto his face.

  12. After circumcision, give to the ladies as chewing gum. Regrow, repeat.

  13. Always being hungry is not something everyone can tolerate. And with food, if it is eaten in a way that tastes good, it is usually "unhealthy."

  14. It is hot to see her fart out the cum from her bung,

  15. Felcing and the vaginal equivalent, then kissing and swapping. Or shooting a big load of dick malt on her face.

  16. Golden showers are hot. The shower is a good place for them.

  17. Period pussy. Swallowing it like chunky spaghetti sauce.

  18. In the 1800s, people would sit the corpses of their deceased kids on their lap to take photos. Adult corpses would be sat in a chair and propped up to pose with family for photos. Called post-mortem photography.

  19. Rainbow kiss 69, Cleveland Steamer, Oregon Mud Puddle.

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