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  1. I’m all good. The guy just took a look at his car and drove away. The police didn’t even arrive at my call. Waiting for my police report to process so I can try to get something from his insurance.

  2. Good thing you are not injured. Still sucks tho for the bike and the car driver. I hope everything goes smoothly for you OP.

  3. Lucky you got better car than me

  4. Thanks. Keeps searching there is always a better one at msrp.

  5. I hate to transport fragile stuff like this.. Gives me anxiety.

  6. Ok thanks op. Your V looks good and color match.

  7. Macam mana la mau ada industri sama tarik pelabur, kalau basic infrastructure pun mcm ni. Kalau selalu power trip, barangan elektrik boleh rosak. Kalau beterusan macam ni patut kena bagi rebate untuk bill elektrik, Sama pampasan untuk kerosakkan barangan elektrik.

  8. Macam mana mau tuntut kerosakan barangan letrik dari SESB? Pakai lawyer?

  9. Did Half Life Alyx changed the cannon? Making this story not possible?

  10. If it is what ifs (of multiverses a popular trend now) that could still work. The devs should keep working on the game and finish it. They dont need to put their expectation that high.

  11. Able to copy and learn other profesional skills instantly.

  12. Honestly, that's the first thing that popped into my head when I answered. How WOULD someone keep them all straight?

  13. When they speak different language you will notice their attitude and mindset seem to change too. Its almost like having a different personality. Like English happy fun fun with online friends, and Mandarin for all business at work, and another one language you grow up with for family talk. All these in different personality to keep them compartmentalize.

  14. Better had Botak Chin as a film. Guy Namewee should direct it. Mat Kilau is too mucj nationalism, it does not mean much to indonesia because not their history nothing to relate with other than one of their actors is casted.

  15. Sometimes having a slow hdd is fun. That or you have been playing for more than an hour.

  16. They usually hide in shoes or boots. Yes very painful.

  17. Same. And it never, ever, ever works. Still try though.

  18. Got some blue flags with scale logo hanging on a flyover.. this morning.. Some of the flag got distorted likely blew by the wind.

  19. Most OP ability is the Quick Save and Quick Load Function. If you had that ability IRL you can do anything. That is why it is removed in the following game called Deathloop.

  20. Now we need V's own Kiroshi Eyes to have its own flash light or Night Vision, saving Takemura is a chore in the dark NGL.

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