1. And when you selling to merchant before setting foot into Tousaint, buy crafting materials beforehand after the merchant had deplete their cash on hand.

  2. Smua filter klau tida tukar memang jdi masalah. Filter aircon dlm kreta pun bkin masalah juga klau tida tukar. Balik pg gearbox, gearbox auto transmission ni lagi sensitive dri yg manual trans. Klau tida tukar filter, minyak dia, antara boleh sumbat atau minyak tidak bersih yg masuk. Gear yg x smooth kluar masuk boleh "makan" gear lain. Boleh over rev kreta, mcm si kawan bilang "ngenggg" tpi tida shift2 masuk gear. Fuel lagi makan klo engine high rpm untuk masuk gear ja. Jdi ngam la, selain tukar minyak, ksi juga tukar filter. Bgini la bru pandai jaga kereta. Bukan yang "okeh ja tu masih okeh lagi" .

  3. Tu la.. ndak pernah tukar sejak kena beli.. taik besi di pan pun mcm 1 inchi sudah. Di Perodua Putatan cakap diorang ada tukar minyak gearbox tapi xda tukar rupanya.. Ni pun sy buat di Workshop luar suda.

  4. Tukar auto transmission fluid jg bos. Kalau tida tukar tu dua2, hangkang tu kalau kasi biar lama2.. Gear pandai slip, ngeeeeeeeenggggg dia bilang tapi tida pandai atau lambat masuk gear.. Kalau hangkang transmission, beribu cost mau rebuild.. Rajin2 jaga bos, insurance paling murah tu filter dan fluid

  5. sekali la ni bosku, fikir tukar minyak gearbox ja.. sekali mau filter juga..

  6. Dodge, Roll, and Igni. Do this attack escape loop in combat consistently and without mistakes you will never need to use sword or armor repairs.

  7. 55000 USD.. or 1 brick weight of 99.9 pure Gold.

  8. I prefer a tactical 4 player coop TMNT and a Turtle Tank to drive around town and the sewer system.

  9. I want Cyberpunk 77 in Valorant graphics. Low res for my ancient cpu that barely runs Witcher 3 on low res.

  10. Grind that gold only after you get the arrow deflect achievement.. Dont waste it.

  11. I believe based on the game's lore that witchers are no longer needed is because monsters are becoming fewer.. so I think the monsters in game is actually too many! Especially the Sirens and Drowners and wolves!

  12. Who needs parking when the car can drive itself to your location?

  13. That is why I never have any hand nor leg mod, just upgrade my Militech Paraline into Tetratonic Rippler Mk 4. And other already existing cyberwere. Not gonna lose any more humanity points for rudimentary implant.

  14. I prefer Morgan Blackhand origin as he is Smasher's archnemesis.

  15. DNR, and Cremation.. if possible turn into a jewelry.

  16. Don't insult babi like that, they at least make for good food.

  17. Babi usually a guy driving car on the phone make a turn without using signal.

  18. Maybe have a randomly generated NCPD gigs popping up, without shards just loot, xp and eddies.

  19. I just stock crossbow bolts in chest, and wait till I have Hugo in Tousaint and sell off all the bolts and other unsellable junks (Monster Trophies) at MSRP to him.

  20. Sell Alchemy Ingredients after you had unlock the Merchant in Tousaint named Hugo, from Father knows worst quest.

  21. A thing of beauty, I know, will never fade away..

  22. 1 buku pasal model kereta api yg di pakai oleh keretapi Sabah.. ada dua kereta api kn satu diesel satu lagi kayu api kn. jadi 2 buku.

  23. Really? I just completed that quest, but didn't notice it. Probably I just didn't pay attention

  24. If you are wearing a Griffin armor you can say you are from School of Griffin. But Kurt Drysat will comment on your Wolf medalion.

  25. Need to confirm this with bear armor, why would Geralt mentioned he is from Griffin School otherwise?

  26. It was hard earned. I chose to romance neither. Had to let the Yen quest fail by telling her I didn’t have time for it. Sad days for my guy Geralt, but we got through it and it was worth it.

  27. I didn't fail Yen's quest, I finished it but said the magic is gone. While also not romancing Triss. It took some willpower to refuse both women just to have Ciri.

  28. There is nowhere near enough rubbish to incinerate to replace coal

  29. Please specify amount of rubbish to make it enough, can make an experimental version before going full swing.

  30. First of all, I do support some waste incineration to generate electricity - done right, of course. It is a good idea, and I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression

  31. I apologise for not being clear. I believe it is for Sabah.. because Sabah thread regarding hydrodam.

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