1. From what I can tell (I didn’t read all of it, I scanned it), Hersh builds a believable scenario. I didn’t see hard evidence, which is what I’m interested in. Anybody?

  2. Anyone give me some info on the source?

  3. Because it’s Hersh’s opinion and nothing more.

  4. Abhorrent behavior by the Austrian. How has he been dealt with? He has been dealt with, right?

  5. The guy needs his arrogant ass kicked now.

  6. 🤡 😆🤣😂 (This is all I can think of for a response.)

  7. Man, if you told me of 2012 and me of 2020 that Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell would be the reasonable republicans on something important, I would have died laughing.

  8. Isn’t that the truth? McConnell is old school— Russia bad, China not to be trusted. He’s not wrong.

  9. I was wondering how this visit would balance things between major EU members supporters. (You people keep Zelensky safe.)

  10. Whatever other things Biden said in his speech which are questionable, I’m solidly with him on his support of Ukraine. To hell with Trump. Forever.

  11. Please keep that orange man as far away from anything as possible

  12. Not only for the good of Ukraine, but also for the US.

  13. Did congress pass this? Or is this just lip service that everyone knows will get shot down in the house?

  14. From a comment above: [–]Tsukune_Surprise [score hidden] 14 hours ago The article says that these are investments coming from private companies. Like Target and Columbia clothing.

  15. I’d like to watch, but all I see is cake.

  16. What a predictable response by Putin to a situation that he cant control— saber rattling. (Edit: Spellcheck’s misspelling)

  17. Those trees can be a problem in the middle of town, even. A post oak in the utility easement came down on my power line. I was the lone house without power. I called my utility in the middle of rain lightning, and thunder— to get my name in the service queue. I’ll be darned if a man didn’t show up right away, go up the easement (in the thunder and lightning), remove the tree, and restore the connection. He went above and beyond, and I told him so when he came to check if power was restored.

  18. It’s hard to know what to say. High hopes and best wishes for these girls and all in the same situation.

  19. So, not only their husbands gave their all for Russia, but animals also gave their all for these women to be warm?

  20. Well, why shouldn’t she feel proud? I’d be surprised if she didn’t feel pride.

  21. In an ideal world, yes. But this world we live in… probably not going to happen.

  22. Perhaps you're talking about this second most watched video(16M+ views) on Tencent official youtube account? :)

  23. My god. Unbelievable. “Let’s all jump in this hole together! You know, give ‘em a nice bullseye.”

  24. Such depravity. Rot in hell, Russian. And Putin with you. Do you think the Ukrainian soldier involved will ever overcome this psychologically? (If he’s alive)

  25. Let's not forget they have been slaughtering Syrians for years and backing alasad. It's just that the depravity has now reached Europe.

  26. No, it’s that this is the first time in my life (aside from movies) that behavior like this has come to my attention.

  27. I suggest “Sunshine of My Life.” It’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  28. I have watched up to Ep13 and was waiting on subtitles. Is it worth watching until the end?

  29. It’s probably the warmest, most beautiful visually Cdrama I’ve watched. It’s on my watch-again list.

  30. Sickens me that he and I may have breathed the same air molecules.

  31. You know what we stand for. American blood and guts have been spilled on every continent in support of freedom. We can't turn back the clock on NATO membership. You must now disrupt Russian supply lines into Ukraine or you may lose this war. More weapons are on the way.

  32. American here— what a pompous, idealistic, rosy view of history you have. We’ve made mistakes, been led wrong at times by our leaders. Let’s not make us out to be saints. With that said, we must stick with Ukraine to the victory at the end. Because it’s right.

  33. It's not just right. It's really the only choice. If we, the USA, falters, then Russia will eventually sweep westward and past Ukraine into Moldova. This has already been "announced". Turkey may leave NATO. I could see if NATO falters, Russia will absolutely move to retake Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc.

  34. I agree, and you know that China is working very hard right now to stir up trouble too.

  35. Yeah, well, to hell with Putin and his promises, and to hell with you for asking him that question. Only a politician would report this with a straight face and expect anyone to derive any assurance from it.

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