2. I'm 90% sure it's not Cybersmith just for reference, he's still around posting about Star Wars as he does on Reddit. On one comment they mentioned me telling them about, uh, something, and I'm fairly sure I know which comment chain that was referring to. The other person in said chain is now deleted and mentioned interacting with me in numerous accounts, so if my Internet detective work is accurate I'm fairly sure they just change accounts often and made a topical alt.

  3. No? It's just fun to get comments like ,"OMG human pet guy". It's not fuckin problematic.

  4. Shock humor has its moments but, in my limited experience, it's much more shallow, fleeting and disproportionately corrosive to my mental health.

  5. That has got to be one of the oldest blorbos societies have been obsessed with though. Like. Okay. Worst polycule of all time tries to survive completely normal obstacles in life— great. If i were any older I'd construct a pantheon about it. A little younger, and I'd write down every seventh thing george says into tablets of stone and base my sense of right and wrong around them. Seinfeld was just a conduit. A single step in a journey of a thousand miles.

  6. Okay well somebody's got to invoke his dead wife now. It's tradition

  7. For some reason I assumed this was about Bob the Builder….he’s kinda like a carpenter? 🫠

  8. TAZ would be so great to get into if i had the attention span

  9. Yeah.. that's.. what they wanted us to think

  10. Oh i haven't thought about that video in a long time

  11. Are you taking the “cited in dissertations” thing from what the guys have said? Bc they pretty much have said repeatedly they should not be cited in dissertations. That’s on the idiot who actually did cite them. Their research has gotten so much better, but even now they definitely know they’re just a comedy podcast.

  12. Not OP but they are not personally my taste in listening. It’s like morning radio shock jocks telling you a story. Too long riffs about nipple belts and stuff.

  13. That is my taste in content - and i think that's fairly accurate! Especially for the older stuff. They are basically shock jocks - and they admit to being a continuation of that.. tradition, on more than one occasion

  14. Transcription from the last time i posted this:

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