1. I’d never pay someone who 1. Isn’t attractive himself to rate me, 2. Isn’t a board certified plastic surgeon. His service claims to connect you with surgeons.. ok can’t you do that alone & go there yourself without needing a middle man?? Also, his fan base being mostly incels should tell you enough, the Indian guy who created the channel was heavily active/ involved in blackpilled spaces as well.. he drops subtle hints all the time so you know his ratings are heavily skewed to favour whiteness..

  2. Found 5% otc stuff that would be worth a go I think. A few highly rated ones on Amazon as well could be worth looking at. One by CeraVe seems popular.

  3. I've used the Byoma one (cerave retinol power 1% emulsion) and liked it.

  4. I’m 38 and have been noticing some sun damage around my lower lip. Am I correct in thinking that since this is under the skin, it won’t show on the skin? Or should I be going to dermatologist to get it fixed?

  5. I’d go highlighter. Highlight and contour is where you want to be for February. I got the Beauty Bakerie Glow Highlight Kit and it has some really pretty colors!

  6. Same here. Acids and BHA on clean skin, moisturizer first (always)

  7. I like Hwa Beauty! I also subscribe to their box and get the deluxe version. Everything comes in a little baggy with a card that tells you what's included and how to use it.

  8. I use a oil cleanser and a moisturizer (cetaphil gentle cleanser and Eucerin daily facial moisturizer)

  9. i already did. Right after my microneedling. what could happen? it didn’t feel wrong

  10. person may wish to use honey on their face to take advantage of these benefits, but they should be careful of potential risks if they are allergic to pollen. The following article explores what research has shown about using honey on the skin and face, including the possible benefits and risks

  11. I was just reading this same article and it says that honey doesn't contain as many allergens for some people as other pollens. It also says to avoid if you are allergic to bee venom though, which I guess would be the pollen part

  12. I had Ipsy many years ago and canceled because of the repeat products and products not tailored to my skin even though we take the quiz that is supposed to send us specific products for our preferences. I’ve done New Beauty several times, great value for the purchase price and for the number of full size products you receive. As a suggestion if you’re looking for the mini product or sample size value deal , I would recommend purchasing when Ulta has their gift of a large sample bag with certain dollar value purchase. I do schedule some of my purchases around it.

  13. I second this! I’m also a beauty subscriber and get so frustrated at how often the same products keep showing up in my bag.

  14. oh, i also love their reusable nut butter jars! so cute!

  15. I ordered the lucky bag on January 4th and received it today (January 10th), which is 3 days after the bag was announced. Not sure if that helps?

  16. Try celeteque. Or any other less harsh cleansers/brand of your preference.

  17. It’s called “renewsing” or something like that. Lol I know it’s a waste of money, but I use it sometimes when my skin is especially sensitive/irritated (e.g., after shaving) because they say that it helps to reduce irritation and redness. It doesn’t help with actives at all tho! So basically if you want the actives to work better on your skin then you should try nivea cicero in cream form instead lol

  18. Yoo the ardell remover does NOT work. You can saturate the lashes for 20 minutes and they still wouldn't come off. I had a very horrible experience w these and ended up using the whole bottle of remover. 0/10 very painful and irritating. Im lucky my eyelashes grew back at all, was missing a few sections after using this.

  19. I wash them after every use (before bed) so I just rinse them off in the morning and it’s fine. I do want to try some lash extensions tho

  20. This is the most annoying. The best thing I’ve found is to wear gloves all day long and wash them after every use, or even better - rotate between thick cotton ones and cloth ones (no bleach). That may not help you, but it’s what works for me!

  21. I'm 32 and I had terrible acne as a teen, but it started clearing up when I hit my mid twenties. Once I hit 30, I came to appreciate how beautiful my skin used to be and it made me sad that I'd let acne ruin so much fun in life. It definitely took some time to realize that my skin is pretty great now... but also figuring out what was triggering the flare-ups helped! For me, personally (and this may not work for you) is avoiding makeup completely when going outside - try wearing sunscreen each day too if you can, especially early in the day because we're more prone to breakouts at night.

  22. If you want to look at it that way, the higher the star number, the better.

  23. I use the Real Self app to learn about products and techniques, it’s a great place to start!

  24. I’m sure the Canadians are just really nice and gave up a bunch of full size products for cheap.

  25. Find a good skin care routine that doesn't contain harsh detergents, and find the right products for your skin type.

  26. Dude same I use it about once a month, with ACV, I leave it till it dries and then use my ‘heaviest’ moisturizer, right before bed. It does great things for me.

  27. Bentonite is not a good idea if you’re prone to skin conditions like eczema. If your skin is reacting badly to something else you could be doing too much of it..

  28. Omg I remember getting this box! My skin was so bad at the time and it was a complete nightmare to apply makeup to. I also used that First Aid cleanser, that Dr Botanicals Turmeric mask, and the Boscia retinol serum. My face looked like hell each month and yet I could not stop subscribing!

  29. You could try Accutane first, but it’s only for people with bad acne who have not had success with other treatments. I think it’s best to start as a patient of a dermatologist though

  30. Bless you. I live in a very humid climate and I’m basically a lizard. The moment I travel anywhere else I dry up like a raisin

  31. I need a humidifier in my work space! I live in an office building and it’s always so dry.

  32. Pop them with a sterilized needle, GENTLY squeeze the puss out with 2 q-tips until its not yellow anymore and pop on a pimple patch.

  33. I totally second this. My insurance premiums eat up a lot of my take home too, because I've been bitten and seriously scratched and otherwise injured a fair number of times, I work with potentially dangerous species (exotic medicine), and I've got about 270k of student debt. Plus I get yelled at over treatment costs pretty much daily.

  34. Oh my god this is such a true and so unfortunate truth. I recently got out of nursing school, and already regret not going into that field because the job prospects for veterinary technicians are so bleak right now. The work is similar to nurses in that you’re constantly moving around, dealing with sick or injured patients, but it pays so much less (I made about $30/hr as a RN vs maybe $21-28/hr as a tech). It’s just so sad how under valued these workers are in society, especially considering the amount of training required to be a vet tech vs most other healthcare fields.

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