1. I bought my uncle a Christmas tree with ornaments and gave him $100 for Christmas because he just recently got a divorce and was in a tight spot with his kids. He bought a new place and didn’t even have a couch yet. Thought they could at least have a Christmas tree.

  2. Now ex friend. We were close friends for 5 years! Doesn’t seem a lot but we were in the same classes for 5 years straight so we spend much of our time together. Then I realized he started to copy me a lot. I buy usually off branded clothes and I see him the next couple days with the same exact stuff. At first I was like maybe it’s a coincidences. Then I got some new shoes and he got the same exact ones. Then I see there’s a fake account of my full name on Instagram. And followed my crush (that I did talk about with my best friend) then I felt weird like why would there be a an account pretending to be me. So I sent a screenshot to everyone to report. Then it never got deleted. Then I was thinking maybe If I put forget password. So then I realize when u put forget password it shows u blips on the email used for the acc and it was the last letters of his name. And also I verified his number and it was correct. And yeah my best friend that I shared everything with made a acc of my name and followed my personal friends even some cousins. After that I confronted him and I said why u copy me and wanna be me. He said “ well you are always in my mind and I think I’m gay” …..even tho he’s used to make homophobic jokes…

  3. Tbh idk if it was just the girl who had food ass skin care or wtv but it’s smelled so refreshing and tropical. Sort of like peachy vanilla others like clean skin.

  4. Feels magical! I had mine literally two days ago with a dancer at the strip club in the VIP room. I feel stupid saying this but I always wanted a women’s touch and feel a women. So after work I decided to go to a strip club 5-6 min away from my house. I go there I was shy asf and I look 15 years old but I’m a new adult. So this beautiful girl brings me in the vip room. Panties off everything off and I was allowed to touch everything! So then I was sad idk why but I asked “can I give you a kiss” she was like sure. She bent down and i just go for it. I took her face and slowly approached my lips and kissed her. It felt so calm and made me so happy and low key fall in love (you should not with a dancer) but it’s soft and makes you forget every struggle you have and yeah. After that she liked my lips so we kissed 5 more times and I loved it.

  5. Tbh it happened to me he wished me a happy birthday on my number when I blocked him everywhere. The thing is, that the stuff a person can do that can effect your life can not be forgiven sometimes. People have to accept that they messed up and they can’t solve a prob. (Sorry bad English)

  6. Lazy people always work double. At first when my teacher said that to me I didn’t really care. But after having 3 homework due the next day I realized that if I’m lazy I’ll have consequences and stuff. So everything I do, I do it perfectly because I don’t want to repeat myself again. Low key good trick always say “lazy people always work double” works at your job too and any other task

  7. During summer, it had been painfully hot, so we had doors and windows open, so somehow a bat had decided to sleep in my jacket, so when i went to put my jacket on, i swung it around my back and i saw this fluffy ball thrown from it and hit the wall, i went over to grab some gloves and picked it up, it squeaked at me and planted it's claws into the glove for stability and i had the bried opportunity to pet the bat before going outside and letting him fly.

  8. Seeing my grandpa in the living room 3 days before he died (he was in the hospital).

  9. Don’t go to a movie. You don’t talk and you sit in a dark room watching a screen for an hour or two. This should be saved when you don’t need to talk so much anymore. Be yourself, and not force anything of course don’t overwhelm them with weird. That’ll come slowly. Go to a place that sparks both party’s interests. A convention, a public attraction that isn’t too attention stealing, or a fair, or anything of the sort. It leaves time to talk and learn. Talk about yourself, but leave them time to talk about themselves. Ask questions. Learn how their brain works. “Would you rather” questions are good for that. Nothing vulgar, just like “would you rather swim with sharks or parachute from a plane?” Something like that. You learn a lot about how someone thinks with questions like that.

  10. Frl being the first date with the girl of your dreams. Sex should be your last priority

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