1. As opposed to the last 10 years workers took a cut? Give me 5 minutes with enough authority and ill show you much better things to cut for the benefit of society

  2. I’m expected to make a phone call home to notify parents... Parents usually react in an inflammatory manner towards me. I’m making roads to leave this school soon..

  3. I dont think its the car, I think people (particularly those in SUVs) are dogshit. I recently got an 86 and prior to I was driving a Mazda 323 (cute one with the pop-ups) and id drive it like a motorcycle, staying out of blind spots and acting as if everyone around me was blind.

  4. And yet we’re demonising landlords. And making it unaffordable for them.

  5. Depends on the insurance agency but as a general rule no. I recently got an 86 and was warned by the insurance that if I lent the vehicle to anyone under 21 I wouldnt be covered

  6. Youre not meant to compete, youre meant to be replaced either by immigrants from wealthy families wholl gentrify your cities or by immigrants who thinks minimum wage and sharing a bedroom with 3 strangers is a good deal because the alternative is dirty water in Africa.

  7. I've owned Tesla's for about 4 years now and driven approx 140,000km's in that time (yes I drive a lot).

  8. You don’t have to replace the batteries in EVs for atleast a decade. EVs are an attempt to stop climate change. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

  9. meanwhile my 30 year old ricebox: still running with only a $200 radiator replacement

  10. Not sure what its like in other states and this doesn't totally justify it but issue here in Sydney is if you slow down you will have some inattentive mongoloid too busy watching tiktok suddenly plow you up the ass at 80ks if you choose to do the right thing and slow down.

  11. id say save your pennies and grab an 86 man, just make sure youre not buying a clapped out one that some boyracer has tried to do drifts in.

  12. Very few cars are under the 25k range, even less SUV. Chances are dad doesnt need a SUV anyways 99% of people dont and do not have the driving skills to manage one in an emergency

  13. they eat ze bugs and catch a broken public transport system lmao

  14. ehhh I dont know about buying cheap falcons nowadays, youre probably buying someones drift missile. GT86 is a good option

  15. oh fuck here we go, voice isnt even in yet and we are getting this nonsense.

  16. The scale of genocide of Indigenous peoples was not seen in Europe until the Holocaust and Generalplan Ost.

  17. Yeah wholesale genocide in Europe generally speaking didnt occur because of the ability to resistance such attempts. Believe me, it wasnt for a lack of trying lmao.

  18. Fuck me if anything id say driving tests need to be harsher. I think people should have to do a the same test we have now but also complete a track day.

  19. Depends on the family, I dont think parents have to buy their kids a car and if you believe that its the height of entitlement but if youre in a good enough financial spot to help your kid then sure.

  20. I fundamentally agree with the voice but mark my words its going to be a body filled exclusively by white suburban upper middle class individuals with absolutely nothing in common with first nations people (other than 1/32 blood) in Alice Springs and NT. And you can bet any time parliament forgo's their advice its going to turn into the biggest shit flinging fest about how racist and white supremacist x party is.

  21. doesnt the V6 ford mustang go for 50k brand new? Why get one second hand if youre looking to drop that amount?

  22. It's the cheapest sporty car with more pedals than doors. The next closest is a Jimny.

  23. Would you identify as a car enthusiast? If you don't then I don't blame you for not knowing.

  24. not really, Australians and brits have more in common than we do different, just keep in mind what may come off as insulting is nothing of the sort.

  25. It varies from state to state but in NSW I wouldnt say Australia is racist more so its xenophobic. Ive seen incredibly "racist" individuals get along great with arabs because they act Aussie.

  26. WAZE, but I usually just hoon in national parks that dont have them and ive never been caught.

  27. Depends what the election is based on. I love the greens small scale policy and ill at least respect them for having good intentions but I wouldnt trust those muppets on the international stage to explain Australian culture without getting on a soap box about some meaningless "diversity" or racism topic and then spread cheeks for the rest of the (probably third) world to dump its load.

  28. Where abouts are you based? Im in sydney and 22k will net you one with 70-100,000kms

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