1. VTA2 says:

    Most people don't know this but he wasn't in this good of shape. Him and Goering were both hekkin chonkers.

  2. I'm not watching the video but I read the replies and I liked this one:

  3. SPQR on my hand 💀 & Zoroastrian motto on the other. Flame and a crucifix under each ear.

  4. Eh, they are pretty tame. The face one might be a problem. But you could specialise in religion based diplomacy and interaction, and study how 'national relations' happened in the late antiquity and medieval period.

  5. Wasn't Krokodil satirical and a bit subversive? This just looks like run-of-the-mill Soviet patriotism.

  6. No. From 1917 till the late 1980s it was loyal to the party to such a degree that it called the Berlin Wall the Anti-Fascist Wall, and genuinely believed that West Berlin was a Nazi outpost.

  7. It is funny that it is called Plato. As it was an educational computer. It was the future and they chose the name of an old Greek philosopher from 300 BC.

  8. Something about “Radical leaders prey on the fearful” with the text “LIVE FREE OR DIE” immediately underneath is too ham fisted for satire

  9. "You know what we need as a solution to our problems?"

  10. Everyone has read 1984. The sequel, 1985, was so suppressed that no one had even heard of it. It was so hard to find a copy I had to write it myself. You not having heard of it proves my point. Your futile attempts to argue are just your programming fighting back. Enjoy the blue pill.

  11. But… but… but what’s about the Lebensraum in the east? Would be kinda free real estate if Russia breaks into a lot of tiny little pieces.

  12. I like my Nazis in history books and in COD, not in the present. I am happy with the story of:

  13. Don’t get me wrong, was more meant to be a light hearted joke. (Kinda like the meme that emerged a little while ago with the compass that’s mounted in the Leopard that only points east)

  14. Me: not understanding a joke, and trying to be credible on the non-credible sub...

  15. Medvedev has a drinking problem and a lot of Moscow culture is around cocaine. Plus the Russian Army had a problem of too many officers and said officers using soldiers as male prostitutes.

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