1. You have time don't stress-out. Some things may change anyways but one thing that will always remain is the english test, that's what you can start to prepare for.

  2. Nothing stops you from learning Dutch and applying for those spots yourself.

  3. I just wanna know how do you learn duch at a C1 level in 3 months?(I say 3 months because we found out about the double track system 3 months before the CST).

  4. Well there is a treshold system that will give international student a few more places.

  5. Good luck to you too! I think they could have at least given us a sample test to underatand the structure. But over all it's ok.

  6. It was a random slave. It's a passage from Oathbringer around the time they enter Shadesmar

  7. Someone counted that there are around 2300 people left

  8. Around 26/31 in math, 30/33 in logic and 17/25 in algo

  9. Yeah, I messed this one up. I don't know how I calculated this one but I got -170.

  10. I kinda predicted the fact that the windrunner's armour was made out of wind sprens.


  12. No, 3 more chapters or something. I know Dalinar wants to be his own champion.

  13. Around 2000-2500 people have applied. Approximately 20-25% have applied for the Dutch track and the rest 75-80% for the English track. They will probably split it evenly, the 275 top marks on the CST from the Dutch track will enter the Dutch track and the 275 top marks in the English track will enter the English track. Of course a lot of applicants drop out, so every 2 weeks they send out new emails informing you whether you have been accepted due to another applicant dropping out or if your ranking number has been updated. Thats basically it.

  14. And how does the threshold work? The dutch will technically have access to more than 275 places?

  15. There is a website that straight up sells them for some 700€, idk if i can post the link here.

  16. Well, tgere's a pist earluer that states that the exercises are similar to those from the edX pre-university calculcus course. The reasoning and logic exercises are similar to those from the book, but it's 100% multiple-choice.

  17. Well, techinically he was mentioned 2 chapters earlier

  18. He's been around. Maybe not named, but that's not the first time we have seen him since the prologue.

  19. Yes but it's the first time he's actually meaningful.(I hope)

  20. Sorry to disappoint but, he sait he'll relese it around november. Next year.

  21. If there are multiple answers, I think it will be like on the edX platform

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