1. I have health anxiety too. Maybe it's actually your stomach cramping? When my anxiety spikes, the 1st thing that's affected is my stomach. Acid reflux, pain, gas, cramping and sometimes vomiting & diarrhea.

  2. That might be yet I haven’t eaten a single thing today I’m I’m not sure earlier it was my left side now it’s my right side now I feel the pain by my heart I don’t know if it’s just in my head what’s actually happening sometimes I do get acid reflex and gas it’s just all the little things that I wouldn’t even notice if I was not having anxiety and now with health anxiety every little thing I notice and I tend to self diagnose myself and I put pieces together like OK well my stomachs cramping and I haven’t been feeling good lately and etc. etc. so my mind tends to put the puzzle pieces together and make it seem like it’s worse than it actually is if that makes any sense

  3. I totally understand. Late 2020 my worst bout started. I was so sick I stopped eating, thinking I was dying of something because of the stomach/internal pain. I ended up losing 30+ lbs and at that point, I was sick! I was killing myself. I ended up having to go to the doctor and she just did a complete workup to see what was wrong and...nothing besides malnutrition. I guess for me, I needed to see the "you are healthy" from my doctor to be able to heal.

  4. I think you’re right I just hate going to the doctor gives me some much anxiety in the back of my mind I always think what if they tell me something bad or something I don’t wanna hear you you know what I mean I have made some serious life changes lately like diet exercise and etc. but it seems like after one thing there’s another after I get over one health anxiety attack there’s always another right after definitely definitely helps talking to somebody about this I’m glad there’s people like you here definitely makes me feel a bit better!

  5. This is definitely a thing, lots of foods and medicines can make your poop look darker. Same thing can happen with black licorice. If it doesn't clear up in a few days maybe check with your doctor but honestly I totally think you're fine.

  6. Thank you so much I appreciate your reply! I was for sure it was because the brownies but I like to get to myself a lot and overthink but I’m probably just bein silly!

  7. No worries! I have anxiety too, so I understand being nervous when something seems off.

  8. You’re welcome. Feel free to respond or message me any time if you have more questions.

  9. try lactose free products and after that gluten free diet or low gluten diet. also try maybe cutting on coffee and other drinks that wont be good for your stomach. anxiety does affect your stomach and i can have periods of time when im having a really bad time in the bathroom and nausea. its a awful feeling but it will pass with a healthy and the right diet for you. also exercise can help with constipation. if there hasn't been any blood it most likely isn`t anything serious or life threatening. good luck!

  10. That makes sense but recently I have gone to the bathroom and it’s sometimes brown diarrhea with like small hard balls but other times it seem like it’s getting darker and darker brown color

  11. Google always makes you feel like you're gonna die lol, it always gives you the worst case scenario. Is it possible that you may be lactose intolerant? These sound a lot like the symptoms I had before realizing I was. For some reason, I only started experiencing them once I turned 17, so it's totally plausible that this could be the case for you as well. Try cutting dairy from your diet for 2 weeks and see if that improves anything.

  12. I do speak to a therapist but recently my insurance doesn’t cover it and I don’t know if I want to take medication I feel like I would be more depressed if I had to take those medications

  13. But I’ve been taking some medication and taking a lot of fiber pills in in the morning my stool is solid and healthy looking But later in the days when I’m at work my stomach tens to act up

  14. Nope! Of course my mind assumes the worst. My mom thinks it’s stress and anxiety. It COULD be a new IBS development but who knows

  15. I’ve been having the same issues for the past couple weeks one day I change my diet drastically in my bowel movements never been the same it really all depends what kind of food I eat if I eat fat greasy food it tends to happen

  16. Really? I didn’t know that it happens ever so often and I haven’t really noticed it till now but thank you for your reply definitely helps the Anxiety! Much love❤️

  17. Eh I’m not that worried about it it happens ever so often but I was just curious if anyone else had it I appreciate your reply tho!

  18. Probably a UTI. You should call a doc. They’ll give you a prescription. It’s not too big a deal if you take care of it.

  19. I’m trying to chill I just suffer from bad anxiety so my mind goes straight to the worst I just thought high red blood count was bad

  20. I got my blood test at the hospital and I called back after I got my results and they said I have to talk to my heart care provider about it and they wouldn’t tell me anything but they didn’t seem so worried so I don’t know

  21. There's always going to be a transitional period when drastically changing diet that can cause great upset. The best approach is an elimination diet, cutting your diet right back to foods you know are safe, and slowly over time making changes, while recording exactly how certain foods make you feel, so you know what ones are causing the most problems.

  22. That makes sense so what I guess I’m trying to say is is that why I’m not feeling good and my bowl movements have been different as in diarrhea or constipation I’m just scared is something else that’s the only thing I can think is of why I’m not feeling good these past couple days I suffer from anxiety and my mind always goes straight to the worst

  23. Dude the internet’s answer to every symptom is cancer. Calm down, drink enough water and go see a real doctor if you are really worried. I’ve had blood in my stool and I’m alright, it happens.

  24. You’re completely right the Internet is a shitty place to do research but I know sometimes when I look on the Internet it’s either a 50-50 it helps my anxiety and the other half doesn’t and I know it’s my anxiety that makes me feel like

  25. And it’s not a 50-50 lol. It’s more like a 95-5 that the internet is wrong

  26. Your right I have seen a doctor and she said everything was fine (witch should mean everything is fine) and I should just shut up and stopping being a bitch lol but with all this Covid crap it’s hard to get an appointment but I appreciate you stopping and talking really means a lot boss

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