1. No judgment? You called his father abusive and said the practice was evil. You’re a judgy little shit.

  2. The state I live in is trying to ban trans care and drag shows, and has a trigger law in case Obergefell gets overturned.

  3. I was on a sub and asked what statements she made that were particularly upsetting and instead I got a brush off response that the person couldn’t delve deeper into the conversation for some dumb reason after they had already written a handful of inflammatory remarks about how awful she is.

  4. It's actually almost impressive how they've managed to turn a thread for a game we're not even playing in into a throw-down of toxic idiocy about how much our 13 win team sucks...

  5. Because putting resources into a boss monster that is easily attacked over is pretty bad. Even in Raidraptor I stopped playing it a long time ago.

  6. I swear… worst fan base is a tie between GB and Philly but our own is a close freakin second when the “blow up the team” and “draft a QB “ talk starts. Going to step away from this shit a while to avoid the baseless bitching and watch the Twins. Later bitches!!

  7. Except we already talk about our glaring needs (that's practically all defense.) We shouldn't have to explain why we need to draft an Anthony Richardson or a Jack Campbell for example when the why is obvious. Not like there's anything else to talk about on here other than news.

  8. Where the hell in Minnesota. I'm in an expensive West Coast city and we only pay 1300 for a two bedroom place. Even downtown you can get a studio for around 1000.

  9. Cause he would get zero separation on any route. Effectively making us only use two wrs or one wr and a TE. I know it’s taboo to criticize the Minnesota kid, but fuck no one in this sub sees him for what he is

  10. You can’t say anything pro conservative in like every sub, at least that’s how it feels for me in the majority of the subs I enjoy.

  11. That's because conservatives are racist or sexist or homophobic or transphobic or some other insult liberals like to use.

  12. Just click the link. The answer is no. The defense has been good (90th percentile good) but they're still getting outscored with him on the floor.

  13. Don't you have a black guy to call the cops on because he walked down the street being black?

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