[Postgame Thread] Tennessee Defeats Alabama 52-49

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  1. Why are all the available coaches head cases or pervs?

  2. Can I get a second opinion on this? Any other former KH that can confirm this is possible?

  3. It’s possible. You need to have clients and do over $1m.

  4. The bonuses are nice but you are gonna earn it.

  5. Curt Cignetti at James Madison has done a hell of a job. Not a big splash however.

  6. From a numbers perspective Hugh is the best coach available.

  7. Reading the Twitter vibes, Lane still hasn’t signed his extension and blames Sokoloff for blowing this up. Says he’s staying but in a tell he says Sokoloff may be right. I know there is no easy way to handle things but this is comical. I think this is a Sexton smoke screen to leverage more out of ole miss but the loss made it worse.

  8. Not sure we can score enough points to stay in this along with the hangover from last week, it may be close.

  9. I like Caddy too but anyone that honestly thinks that he should be made an SEC HC having not even been a college coordinator really needs a better understanding on big time football.

  10. Recruiting good players did Texas A&M real good this year. Gtfo with recruiting good players.

  11. Plot out wins vs stars and get back with us. The glory days of Pat Dye are long gone.

  12. I love Prime Time as much as the next 80's baby, and enjoyed meeting him when I worked at the Post Grad program Deion Jr. went to, but nothing about his resume' says he would be a good HC especially in the SEC.

  13. This league is all about talent. We need it and he can get it. I don’t think his style will fit with the old folks but winning and top 5 classes will cure that quick.

  14. Yea. In my 13 years watching Auburn football, Tank Bigbsy is by far the biggest talent I’ve ever seen us waste. He should be setting rushing records like Tre Mason or winning SEC OPOTY like Kerryon Johnson. Instead, he’s getting hit behind the line of scrimmage and might not even break 1,000 yards this season. Man, what could’ve/should’ve been.

  15. Never beat a ranked team while at Baylor. Horrible idea.

  16. Everyone’s aware he didn’t record a single win against a ranked opponent correct?

  17. Auburn has athletes that are just as good if not better than LSU easily. Your coaches just have rotting moldy cheese for brains because they did everything they could offensively to throw the game

  18. He doesn’t have any passing skills. That last interception wasn’t even close.

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