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TikTok is "unacceptable security risk" and should be removed from app stores, says FCC

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Putting a period pain simulator on a cowboy

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  1. To be honest, that little Farmington movie theater is pretty awesome. Is it the best? I doubt it, but it was a favorite of mine when I lived out there.

  2. The theater is ok for the price, but emagine is just better lol

  3. Wtf is the point of this being in this subreddit?

  4. As someone not originally from southeast Michigan, and going with my wife who is not from this country...

  5. How the fuck does someone own 7 huskies. They have so much energy I feel like that's a deathwish

  6. He's literally a fraud and Canada's version of the Clintons.

  7. It's well known the FDA requires tens of not hundreds of millions to get medicine passed.

  8. Yelling on the plane could easily make other passengers uncomfortable, especially the person sat next to him who hid their face from embarrassment

  9. It’d be bad if he was like 20, but the man’s in his 40s. That’s just depressing😂

  10. I deploy PDF-XChange for our engineering team for markups along side Adobe reader (allows upgrading to pro if needed later, plus would be a hassle to not deploy to select few years). It's free and pretty full of features.

  11. People that do this are idiots even when sober. Alcohol just kills any inhibitors left.

  12. Yep - at the very least IT knows your location. They probably also know what programs you are running and what internet services you are using.

  13. Location matters for tracking laptops if stolen, or tracking contractors/employees who are required to be in a particular location for contractual purposes.

  14. I meant why does it matter if it's tracked? It's company hardware. If you want to hide your location that's on you to figure out.

  15. it looks like it indeed :P... as it could also be caused by kfm icw clickshare... please let me/us know if the password is changed lately.. ALso are you experiencing this issue also on device without the clickshare app?

  16. Looks like 1 user has a password that's 70 days old and the other 6 days. Although I can't remember, I'm pretty sure I changed his password after this issue occured. So unsure of the history prior to that.

  17. Who said theres death threats? The law is

  18. Just give up. The subreddit is filled with the biggest soy bronze minded people.

  19. Oh no! Off to jail without. You use bad words to insult me :(

  20. The durability patch made it a lot more mindless. Just pick scaling and chill until you can out team fight. The first 25 minutes don't matter.

  21. The problem is riot didn't keep going. They change plans constantly and ruin every season.

  22. Hers is easy. She has literally no mobility. It isn't like she's some over loaded kit champ.

  23. Zeri yet again not being able to find the balance between pro play and solo queue, can't wait for them to put her in Ryze territory cause they have to deal with Nilah next

  24. Why is it so hard for Americans to pass privacy regulations? It sounds like everyone complains about it.

  25. TikTok is said to collect “everything”, from search and browsing histories; keystroke patterns; biometric identifiers—including faceprints, something that might be used in “unrelated facial recognition technology”, and voiceprints—location data; draft messages; metadata; and data stored on the clipboard, including text, images, and videos.

  26. Not really, I still use my 50s model Admiral freezer and never got a power bill over $300. Only things I’ve ever replaced on it was the power cable and door seal.

  27. Why is this a thing? Why do women need to show men this?

  28. Where's the, "emotionally excluded from society" simulator?

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