1. 😂😂🤣 g#mer is so embarrassed by their incompetence that they edit their own comment!!! It’s hard to type I’m laughing so hard!!! 😭😭😂

  2. Why are you active in so many porn communities? Did videog#mes make you join them?

  3. Bro go back to rotmg 😭☠️

  4. This phase is from the secret encounter of Moonlight Village known as

  5. How do you activate it?

  6. Dumbass boarded the flesh car 😂😂 have fun riding in the corpses of the damned 🤣😂

  7. Smth along the lines of “Are we going to talk about how ableist this is?”

  8. The game lacks replayability and was broken on launch. The roguelike half of the game is shallow and that’s half of the game. I think once the patch drops there will be a renewed interest

  9. Please send me all of your drawings in pdf, jpg, png format thank you

  10. Did you want to drink your own piss???

  11. Can you download images? If you can Sigh I will download and send it to you

  12. Yeah just send them to me too just in case

  13. You should always credit your artists as a rule of thumb even if it’s a meme even if it’s that image fourth from left on the top

  14. /ubvg that's actually an adult npc who made look like a child. Why?

  15. I just reported your account. I hope you get banned!!!

  16. I assume that Denji's past traumas (his dad, Aki, Power) are going to resurface and he'll be sent to hell. Maybe this is when he will fulfil his contract with Power, befriend the Blood Devil and escape hell together?

  17. Denjis gonna plummet like a bullet into hell

  18. Take all the time you need, I will miss your artwork dearly

  19. Long blocks of texts are the antichrist of online writing.

  20. Everyone on the Porn Dude website has incredible attention spans they and are very literate

  21. i watched Sseth's video on this gane it seems really good but the capitalism ruins it ☹️

  22. 196 media literacy challenge🔥🔥 (guaranteed fail)

  23. I thought that was normal Mark

  24. I put the new forgis on the jeep

  25. Dammah and archmage are some of my favorite fights in the entire game, but archmage can be a real time sink

  26. there are plenty of other examples, if you just go look.

  27. They’re just that, examples. You’re blaming an entire community for a couple of people

  28. A couple of people who seem to make up the majority, it seems.

  29. Do you think there are like 40 furries in total?

  30. I can’t even follow what this is mocking anymore

  31. Downvoted comment on this post is someone going “hmmmmmm” I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that falls under egg jokes

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