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  1. my question is what the hell are any of the people (spoilers for hunter the parenting)

  2. Perhaps boy is a magi and that is why Horse said that underneath the video someone broke down the whole prophecy. To summarize boy may kill Door, D will be wounded fighting a werewolf( possibly hunters Leman) then break the masquerade causing the apocalypse

  3. 100% possible cawl has traitor geneseed, believes the emperor meant for all the legions to work together and has tested primaris with traitor geneseed. Full chapters seems a stretch but hey like I said possible .

  4. Fair, The Minotaurs are suspected to be iron warriors and the Carcharadons are thought to be Nightlords he’s just doing rapid fire space marine heresy

  5. After the Horus Heresy, the Salamanders were too small to have any official successor chapters (Black Dragons and Storm Giants are suspected successors), but with the introduction of the Primaris Marines, they now have 4 fully Primaris successor chapters. They are the

  6. Let’s be honest Cawl made the Black Vipers so if anyone double crossed him he’s be able to send an entire astartes chapter after them

  7. If you knew anything about Christianity you would know that we do not try to hurt or discriminate against anyone we simply just try to spread God’s message true Christian’s do not judge but sadly a lot do and I encourage anyone who has not read the Bible to read it because then you would truly know what we’re all about. We do not believe women are property nor do we hate black and/or gay people. It’s sad how many people believe that Christianity is anything other than worshipping God and keeping his commandments but please I beg all of you to read the Bible and learn what our true mission is because this post is just outrageous and misleading for the jump.

  8. Ronaldo is driven by greed, glory hunting, and hurt others. He's happy as long as he is on the scoresheet even when losing. When winning he is unhappy unless he has the attention.

  9. Talkies defending the country who goes against all of their “values” peak internet

  10. its less a genocide and more a civil war. the northern region does not recognise the authority of the president.

  11. Basically like saying ww1 and ww2 were exactly the same because it was europe again.

  12. May I introduce you to the state of Texas. Where a pride parade needs 40 armed militia to be safe.

  13. Feel like their is a few teams you could replace 13 Seahawks with. 04 pats, 06 Colts, 11, packers to name a few but overall good choice

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