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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. the tooltip directly says that you heal for that damage.

  2. 3% x 5 champions does make a difference though - you can heal for quite a bit off an ideal proc like that.

  3. Been running ignite and Sorcerer's Boots and having more success with the added damage. Lot of champs that think they run you over die pre-6 to ignite as well, or at the very least I get them low enough that E poke does substantial damage and keeps them low, preventing dives. My Junglers seem to give me way more attention too Wwhen I run ignite.

  4. Maybe, but what you're intrinsically implying though is that I would have to play at a diamond level to progress in Bronze with Kayle, while a Darius or Atrox player could truly play at a Bronze level and still progress.

  5. I think what ppl mean by play like x to get to y rank:

  6. Eloquent. Good explanation, better than mine lol I agree - there are champs way easier than Kayle to climb with.

  7. I never die pre 6, but I also never have a good game laying against him

  8. One thing about Sett is that he can fight you over his vessel. So if you E him don't commit to the vessel too hard. He is a lane you want to Q poke quite a bit.

  9. I agree with you - but wasn't this strike something like 55,000 people strong? I think enforcing that would be difficult, no?

  10. Been enjoying this quite a bit. I've been running it really in any build (AD, AP, on-hit) and it's been quite the boon for early game. I do feel the loss of damage late game, but the utility of the speed makes up for it in my opinion and for how I play Kayle.

  11. One thing that gets overlooked is that when you build AD on Kayle you are still doing roughly 50% Magic Damage and 50% Physical Damage, where as when you build AP you do almost 100% Magic Damage. Splitting the damage profile in such a way with AD items makes Kayle impossible to itemize effectively against after she gets 3 items / level 16, which matters more in since the durability update.

  12. I will start tear some games for matchups where I am relegated to spamming E. But I never complete it into any of the items it builds into. I sell it when I need the 6th slot.

  13. Imagine thinking young, white men are "cornered" in America.

  14. There are some strange theories that everything happens at the same time and time is just a concept that our reality forces upon us.

  15. ER is bad on MF because it scales off of base AD and MF has the lowest base AD of all ADCs.

  16. ER scales off of bonus AD actually. It is the only Sheen item to do so.

  17. Yeah but it still scales off of base AD for the majority of its damage. It doesn’t scale purely off of bonus AD.

  18. The 40% bonus AD scaling ends up being pretty close to the 100% base AD value for most ADCs by level 18 and full build. Throughout the game this is pretty consistent.

  19. Doesn't make him immune to E poke, which is what makes MF so good in lane to begin with lol

  20. He does take 25% less damage from your E when his E is up though.

  21. I was thinking RFC might come back into play with her over the Q changes!

  22. We thinking RFC second? Or would it still need to be a 4th or 5th item?

  23. I think the meta is too tanky to run it 2nd most games. Probably could make use of it later better anyway when your love tap is doing 100% damage.

  24. I've posted before that I would like E to get the Corki Q treatment: give it some type of cast time or animation that players can react to, but keep it's core functionality the same and give it some type of AD scaling.

  25. Old mf had casting time on her E and it was just as annoying I doubt it would be a good fix

  26. Oh crazy I've played since season 2 but didn't know that ha. Thanks for info.

  27. I think people here aren't understanding the value of Shieldbow or what it is supposed to do. Imagine how bad it would feel for almost every other class if you could just build Shieldbow and not die?

  28. I haven't run it in ranked solo / duo, but in Flex or Norms I usually run her Liandry's Anguish -> Manamune / Muramana -> Sorc Boots -> Serylda's Grudge.

  29. I have also been running Lethal Tempo and feeling it is very effective against the right comps. Your W + Lethal Tempo is actually pretty insane if they can't just instantly dive and stop you.

  30. Against truly tanky teams, or teams that will become very tanky by mid-game (14+ minutes), typically I will build Kraken Slayer -> Lord Dominik's Regards -> Infinity Edge, in that order. This offers you the highest damage against tanks while also not delaying your Infinity Edge power spike.

  31. I see, thanks man so much for the advise I gotta keep working on my builds

  32. Don't blindly follow this advice. Generally yes, you DO NOT want to build Mortal Reminder, but sometimes you do need to be the one building Grievous Wounds into some matchups, especially since your team might not build it. If you're against Vlad + Red Kayn + Yuumi or some other ridiculous sustain comp, and nobody builds Grievous, you're going to wish you built it. Check your teams items and see if they are covering the Grievous Wounds aspect - if not, then you just simply have to build it.

  33. I had a Zyra supp recently that constantly used her abilities in our waves, pushing us into Nautilus / Jhin (I was MF). She also would facetank the Nautilus trying to get to Jhin, die instantly, and tell me "We win trades stop being so passive.". This was all before our first back in lane.

  34. This won't be popular, but you can still consider Tear -> Manamune / Muramana on her, sort of like how Miss Fortune can build (Tear into full crit + boots).

  35. I really wish it just made you immune to all abilities for 0.1 seconds after something triggers it. There’s too much room for shenanigans

  36. Kind of wish it was shorter duration, but just blocked all CC / damage effects for the duration (like 0.5 or 0.75 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds). Can keep the heal if it blocks any instance of CC / damage.

  37. After reading that spreadsheet, I'm not sure if the word "block" is real anymore lol.

  38. This is a bit of an artifact I believe from previous iterations of the game. Vayne used to commonly build an item called Statik Shiv that afforded her some amount of waveclear. Riot went on a bit of a mission to curb waveclear access in general in the game, where they nerfed several champs and items, and even removed some items from the game. I assume this was to give more agency to champion's whose identity revolved around waveclear (such as Sivir or Malzahar, etc.).

  39. My last 3 games as bot lane my support stole half my waves and didn't even buy a fucking sweeper 40 mins into the game 0 vision control Almost as much farm as I have Repeatedly died in lane because they never had any abilities up (from using them on the fucking minions) And they were flaming me because they almost out damaged me. So while all this advice is great in theory, my experience has been insanely tilting when playing with a random person with not enough braincells to rub together

  40. I've been running into this shit a lot lately, but it isn't just the support.

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