1. Wtf is wrong w you. That guy is 100% correct dont talk your mouth about stuff you dont know.

  2. "Must not be starving or dehydrated, meaning hunger must be above 100 and hydration above 40."

  3. Dont you need T2’s for T2 armor and clothes bit of the full kit?

  4. I believe a higher tier workbench can craft a lower tier blueprint

  5. what the hell is this? is this on some modded server ?

  6. Why would you not if you aren’t a streamer/yter

  7. Can someone explain why the color instantly drops when they get shot? Yes they might be dead but their body temperature doesn’t instantly drop tho?

  8. Could you place a floor frame in the middle with floor grills to protect boxes from splash or molotovs?

  9. I think the pipes thing sucks. Wish it weren't happening.

  10. Lmao that would just make it a grub fest. So many kids camping in towers around harbor, eoka warriors waiting for a geared guy to go onto the boat.

  11. I don't think that Base actually fits into a cave, man

  12. In some they do, but I think its to high above ground to be a cave

  13. amazing update! now ppl will be even more base bitching. Why dont we just add tractors too so we can start a farm? maybe some animals to like cows and pigs

  14. I didn't like her for the most part but I did really respect her in season 1 when she told Walter he should trust his own choice when it came to doing treatment, instead of playing into the guilt trip Skyler had set up

  15. Well yea one is his wife the other is just sister of the wife. Ofc skyler is going to do that

  16. I have a 5800x3d and it honestly doesn’t seem to stress my cpu at all. I play with everything maxed 1440 and get 240 fps (although I just capped it to 100).

  17. Sorry no. I’m a lucky guy whose friend bought a 4090 and so he just gave me his 3090 ti.

  18. Had a 3700x and would get 70-110fps, switched to a 5800x3d and my fps doubled.

  19. did you change your build? and ifso how did it go?

  20. You should only buy the fishhead skin for the balaclava.

  21. Remember, that's how a lot of people thought about the recoil change. With some modifications, limitations, and balance, it could be a thing. ( I'm not saying it ended up good, though)

  22. Recoil is shit and boring rn so not it could not be a thing

  23. Yooooo thanks so much gonna put this to use

  24. aggressive is the way to go I use the m 95 so there is no sweet spot so I have to get head shots I pick and choose when to be aggressive or let the fight come to me

  25. Naah scouts are already pretty fucking useless let alone they don’t use flares. PTFO

  26. Forgot to add, first variant I think Barrage bomber is really weak with small bomblets and even two big ones. I have zero luck with it so far.

  27. Its the best agains tanks and have some room to miss aswell. If you see that the tank is stationary fly over it straight and pitch up when you are going to drop the bombs so they are more centered on the tank. If the tank is moving try to predict where he will be be and time your bombs, here you just fly straight. You could also dive bomb but its a risk because you can be shot down by thanks pretty easily. If you fly at max altitude they most likely wont notice you until its to late.

  28. Torpedo variant is used best when diving and is the the most versatile variant yes. You can oneshot ALL tanks with it if accurate👍🏼

  29. You cant one shot hard armor tanks, only medium and light

  30. All these ppl here saying stop crying etc, its obvious that you were absolute dogshit before recoil update and needed this.

  31. Hmm I have very mixed feelings about your comment.

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