1. I went back in May and was shocked by how many people there were. Honestly, the crowds didn't bug me as much as Genie+ did. Probably the worst experience I've had there and had me questioning if I want to go back anytime soon.

  2. I’ve serious concerns about doing this while we’re dealing with inflation. There is a risk that it will extend the high inflation period due to putting more money back in peoples pockets.

  3. You'll get down-voted but it's the sad reality of the system that we use - We need wages to stay low and unemployment to rise unfortunately.

  4. A perfect scam if ever I've seen one. As a kid it was addictive to fill up the book.

  5. OH my God, I am loling. I got this after my Confirmation and then forgot about it until the summer I turned 15. Myself and my twin rediscovered it and used it to pay for cheap table wine (1 litre was 5e and we'd split it) and a 10 pack of Johnny Blue (also very cheap in 2003). Wow. I just sent this photo to my sister.

  6. It's a blast of nostalgia for sure. Just popped into my head for no reason whatsoever.

  7. I did a last minute swap of Neto for Aaronson, a complete gut feeling move

  8. Son (C) hoping for 4 goals from him just like last time against Southampton

  9. Most things that involve concentration like reading books, playing video-game, etc.

  10. Two consecutive Quarters of Negative GDP Growth indicating a Recession has prompted investors to move away from Defensive Stocks and into Dogecoin.

  11. That's me right after my boss says "There are no stupid questions".

  12. It was 2-0 and was a team that was missing players due to Covid-19.

  13. I actually think it also has something to do with the steady deflation of player prices as FPL towers aims for more managers to play the game. The side effect of this is elite managers can accumulate more points across a season as there’s more value. Trent being an 9-10m asset at only 7.5m. Salah has been a 13.0m asset for years but only this year has reached that point. Elite goalkeepers we’re once priced at 6.5-7.0m but now at 5.5m so I expect the trend to continue.

  14. Whats with MSFT? From 250$ to 268$ in a day. Now dumping. WHAT IS GOIN ON? Fcking MSFT. Regarded as good stock

  15. I'm surprised ppl actually "analyze" Microsoft. At this stage, it's fkin Microsoft bro. It's so proven that even if it misses earnings Idgaf and still buy. Again, it's Microsoft. Literally a no-brainer. Trying to gage its future based on earning is such a fruitless unnecessary move. Same for the other horsemen of the stockalypse: Google, Apple and Amazon. Fk the opinions, just buy them.

  16. I'm bullish as fuck on Microsoft, but people were saying the same thing about General Electric in the 90's.

  17. Was in Medellin, Colombia after doing a good bit of travelling and never hated a place more. People were shooting up gear outside of our apartments, we were followed by people multiple times trying to rob us. We’re screamed at and nearly attacked by some crazy oul lad. Decided to go for a walk with my partner one day and we’re beeped at by a taxi driver, me thinking it was just him trying to get a fare I waved him off. 30s later he comes up again and starts doing a throat slitting motion and said in Spanish if we were to keep walking up the street we’d be dead. Turned around and walked about 10 minute back and he drove around and found us to tell us never to go down X and Y streets. Few locals heard it too and said stay away from there. This was pretty close to where a lot of tourists and travellers would be too. Just felt on edge the whole time.

  18. Conor McCluskey of Derry marked & kept scoreless (from play), each of the following -

  19. Knees weak, arms heavy, got my finger on the transfer button already

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