1. I attended tonight at Carnegie and the sound was awful where I was sitting (granted I was on the top tier…but still, it’s Carnegie Hall). All we could hear were drums and the vocals were washed out. Did anyone on here attend and how did it sound for you?

  2. I just finished last night and I was floored by the modern-day killer reveal. I think I was too busy trying to keep track of the characters who had dual roles!

  3. I'm 3 or 4 episodes into La Otra Mirada (on PBS Passport in the US). It's set in Seville, Spain in 1920 and is about a woman who has some very modern ideas for the time and may or may not have murdered someone who ends up teaching at an all-girls school.

  4. I've seen this on Passport and have been thinking of starting it - are you enjoying it?

  5. Yes, I am. I’ve watched a number of Spanish period dramas, and I feel like there’s a similar tone to the 20th century-set ones.

  6. Witness for the Prosecution from the 1950s starring Marlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton. It's fantastic.

  7. It really IS fantastic! I saw the movie before I read the source material from Christie, and Billy Wilder really elevates this.

  8. I re-read this a year or so ago and was re-pleasantly surprised. I looked for a movie adaptation and couldn't find one.

  9. 3 Tickets available and coming up quick for Saturday, 11/26 (Thanksgiving Weekend) I can no longer attend, so just looking to get back what we spent. Section 301, Row C, Seats 102, 103 and 104. $720 each.

  10. I can vouch for this seller (it's my brother!). He's new to posting on Reddit, but the tickets are legit.

  11. Tess of the D'Urbervilles - I like the 1998 version better than 2008, but both are good/equally sad.

  12. The brand new adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front based on the book by Erich Maria Remarque.

  13. I feel this. I have also tried to seek out community of people who were also faithful yet willing to question certain aspects of our culture or policies. I started seeking out podcasts from people who felt similarly (there are lots out there), and joined a Facebook group of "nuanced" members. I took care to make sure the groups I was following were from a faithful perspective.

  14. I binged the whole thing on Passport and loved every bit! Especially loving the new characters they brought on, like the bumbling detective.

  15. I liked it. I thought the ending was a little rushed, but I liked the way they framed the story in a flashback. I thought it was interesting that it was set in a small town and we didn’t meet any of the “quirky” small town residents besides the mom and daughter.

  16. I agree, the framing was really a unique move for a Hallmark! I love Kimberly Sustad, and thought John Brotherton did a good job playing his role with a wink. I don't think this will generate a re-watch but I found it pleasant!

  17. I admit I was disappointed. I didn’t find it funny. And even with it being satire, the way they kept insulting Christie’s work didn’t sit well with me. I was really looking forward to seeing it, too

  18. I agree! I was disappointed, and had also really been looking forward to it. A lot of characters were given nothing to do, and while the ending was clever, the funniest bits were already featured in the trailer. I loved Saoirse Ronan's performance, though.

  19. How to Steal a Million (1966) has Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn both looking impossibly handsome in Paris as they try to steal a famous statue for different reasons.

  20. I am sure they spent a lot of time hunting around for an excuse that seemed legitimate. I don’t believe he was ever going to debate.

  21. I’m firm on #1 & 2, 3&4 are a virtual tie for me, and 5&6 are definitely lower tier.

  22. I really like Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (And then you can watch the delightful mini-series on BritBox directed by Hugh Laurie). The Man in the Brown Suit and the Mystery of the Blue Train are also fun little romps. I'd stay away from And Then There Were None.

  23. But if the OP gets easily scared I don't know if Sleeping Murder is the best choice. Murder at the Vicarage on the other hand is a great pick

  24. Ha, I was going to comment not to read Sleeping Murder - I remember a distinct scene that totally got me. :)

  25. Actually, if you look at the new For the Strength of Youth, it isn’t as particular about any of those things anymore. Instead, it allows youth to make their own choices based on their spiritual communing with God. Sure, all of these things are still discouraged, but it’s up to them.

  26. Totally agree - and using the re-characterized principles of modesty in FSOY, people thinking of getting plastic surgery could ask themselves what their motivation is for wanting it.

  27. This is my go-to comfort movie and I think I've watched it a bajillion times. I'm glad you found such resonance with it at this season in your life!

  28. Because red Jello (which tastes better) can stain your carpets if spilled ;)

  29. Ooh, I can't wait to give this a listen. Thanks for the recommendation.

  30. Agree. Maybe not as common as it used to be, but Relief Society sisters have a long history of performing this service.

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