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  1. What's the deal with Slytherins? Did TERF queen really want to make them the irredeemable villains but failed and then the community adopted them, or where they supposed to have good traits from the start?

  2. Once had a HP superfan tell me that the callbacks to earlier books were proof she had planned it all out from the beginning. No, Stella, that's just called "continuity" and it's how you tell if an author was even conscious during writing a sequel.

  3. I love this because we could've at least had until february 2106, but some programmers were convinced that they might need to set the current time and date back to 1901

  4. I LOATHE how they say "Hey!! We got an update!! You need to install it!"

  5. We desperately, desperately need hardware that natively supports the open source, community-maintained phone operating systems. I'm sick of having to basically jailbreak the firmware just to not deal with apple/google

  6. Windows does do that. It did that to a Windows machine I have just this week. No details at all to the contents. Agreed to update and touch screen stopped working right.

  7. As a trans person, I think it’s hilarious. They had a physical transplant in which a male body part was replaced with a female’s. They serve the same function, but it DOES pose the question of whether or not they’re, physically, in a transitional state. Biologically, he did in fact change part of his body to the female variant. Psychological Identity and physical expression are two different things. They might not identify, but physically the definition is there. However, neither of them are off limits in jokes. Or else literally everything is off limits. Unless of course you’re a child and enjoy surface-level knock knock jokes

  8. “I hate this mind set because it stops me from being able to cry about jokes”

  9. I hate this mindset because it's incredibly selfish, your entertainment is more important than any harm your words may cause

  10. He also wasn't addicted to amphetamines, he was just on an ever-changing lineup of prescriptions from a quack doctor who was trying to cure his extreme flatulence

  11. I really think we need a new term for being-a-fan-of-a-celebrity's-work-before-the-celebrity-turned-out-to-be-a-fuck-of-a-person.

  12. Gotta train for those rioters using firehoses and for them having riot shields, two pieces of equipment common civilians are notorious for using during riots

  13. I think it’s fairly obvious that this is supposed to mimic the pressure of trying to move through a large crowd, but go off.

  14. Then it's not a good setup for that purpose. Large crowds don't focus pressure on a single area of each individual/group, they apply a constant pressure to the entire exposed area

  15. This is just how you're supposed to play the Just Cause series, nothing unexpected here

  16. His girlfriend is leaving to move to europe, and she's already about to board the plane. Unfortunately a jaded cab driver who has a soft spot for the power of love wasn't available

  17. "They made a thing to turn it into an ATM" is what disney has been doing to IPs for years now, but people still turn out in droves for the next star wars/marvel bs for some reason

  18. Yeah cuz it’s totally Christian churches that are being harassed and shot up and not drag queens and gay bars.

  19. Somebody told them Jesus wasn't real using empirical historical evidence, and that's literally the same thing though

  20. Wasn’t real or wasn’t magic? Because while I don’t believe he performed magic I assumed that a dude named jesus did exist and preach about religion around that time.

  21. I mean, NYC has a liberal mayor talking about sending the cops to round up homeless people and forcing them into hospitals. I think it was Portland is now creating 'mass encampments' that they're going to round up and force the homeless people to live in. If a Republican tried to pull this shit the democrats would be out on the streets screaming. Instead, there's a few leftists screaming, the democrats talking about how great they are, and the right demanding more.

  22. I bring up frustrating/stressful shit because my friends don’t deserve to go through it alone. It seems like OP and a lot of people in the comments don’t have very good friendships

  23. True. Like don't press and make them feel like assholes for not making progress, but just prompt them enough to let them know you care and want to give them a space to vent/decompress.

  24. I legitimately dislike people who bring up how service workers are working on national holidays. Like you’re not Nicholas Cage discovering some new revelation about the state of minimum wage jobs in America. Don’t remind people how jaded their life is, they’re already well aware of it.

  25. I love how in their minds this is clearly evidence that the mob mentality evil liberal brainwashing programs are working to silence the conservatives eternally... When really it's just that most people either don't care or outright dislike these people for being dickheads.

  26. I don't think they were, that "oooooh" and their facial expressions tell a different story. Good prank tho

  27. He's not far off. Do you think cows also get stimulated by having their nipples played with?

  28. What's the ad about? Could be about the lottery odds. Could be about car insurance.

  29. I expected water going through the mouth when it happened .00002 seconds into the video.

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