Kyiv: full consensus for disconnecting Russia from SWIFT has been achieved, the process has begun

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  1. I tried Bumble...... <>. .....Hello? .....- is anybody out there?..... ...no? ... well I'll delete this profile then. Not even a conversation.

  2. Propaganda from both sides is getting all rather amusingly silly at this point - anyway, GFY Putin

  3. I saw a CUT YouTube video about a girl who liked to put "fake eggs" in her and then lay them...I don't understand it and don't want to understand it

  4. There are businesses that make props for those people, so it can't be that uncommon.

  5. Would this be used as a bargaining chip to cease hostilities or for further negotiations on being readmitted, such as surrendering Crimea? I know that the resources and strategic value of the location are too essential but crippling the economic infrastructure for Russia wasn’t used back in 2014. How much will this hurt Russia is what I guess I’m asking.

  6. it doesn't stop payments - it only makes financial communication more difficult - so it will hurt, but not cripple

  7. Sad thing is foil hats as a model for a Faraday cage or EM shield is only half right. To shield something from EM radiation you need a complete unbroken conductive surface with any holes smaller than 1/10 the minimum wavelength targetted.

  8. there was a study to that effect long ago (90s?) - that at whichever frequency they were intending to shield the tin foil hat if anything made it worse

  9. It's a very big island, but AFAIK the settled parts are all a bit trashed and basket-casey.

  10. Great perspective on how thin the atmosphere is. Could be a good image to use to part of an explanation of climate change.

  11. Growing up in South Florida, I was told that one of the invasive species lining the roadways was difficult to control because if you burnt it, it released something that some people were highly allergic to. I thought that was melaleuca but

  12. In New Zealand, we have a massive possum problem. Australian brushtail possums were brought in to start a fur industry in the 1800s. By the 1980s their population had ballooned to between 50 and 70 million. They don't just eat the plants that our native species depend on, they also eat the eggs and chicks of some of our endangered native birds (and sometimes even the adults). They also spread bovine tuberculosis. They're a major problem.

  13. One pop and instant regret. Worst chips ever. Nasty floury things. Terrible texture. Taste awful. Sit in the belly like wet cement. Would not recommend. - But the shape is a good way to explain saddle points.

  14. He's like the one weinstein guy. It's so exhausting even thinking about picking through their bs that trying to argue with them is impossible. If you do have a solid argument they'll just use semantics and verbal chess to wear you out. They're more concerned with winning a conversation than anything else

  15. I wouldn't want to watch it, but you could put him in a room with Sheldrake and let them out-BS each other.

  16. Talk Talk went from second-rate synth-pop to experimental/post-rock.

  17. Hope you don't end up like me. Little beyond anosmia/parosmia, but it's been going on for almost an year now. A messed up sense of smell is a bigger deal than people might give it credit for.

  18. I blew up my sense of smell playing with chemicals as a kid - (what's that green gas? - oh that'll be chlorine). It came back in about a year. Hope your does too.

  19. If she is a sovereign citizen she is basically renouncing her Australian citizenship.

  20. she should carry her treaty documents at all times if she wants to use public roads

  21. There is no point trying to correct anyone's spelling. You just have to live with all the than/then, there/their, lose/loose etc. and make whever sense of it you can.

  22. If only I'd known this before. My vegemite on toast hatched and I now have an infestation of happy little vegemites singing in the back yard. I hear CSIRO are working on releasing a mutant strain, inserting cheese genes into the vegenome, which should eventually keep the population in check.

  23. I'd never done tipping, so didn't expect to be chased up the street, cornered and hassled for money after paying the correct bill.

  24. He sounds exactly like… me. I am hardcore DA and reading this felt as if someone wrote an analysis about me, haha.

  25. I suppose it is pretty exciting that the US version is 0.23 inches wider and 0.6 inches shorter than A4!

  26. It's always exciting when the printer which will only ever see A4 paper keeps resetting itself back to US letter and wasting paper, ink and time on botched prints. Oh the thrill of it!

  27. I grew up in the 70s/80s, but one 90s thing I'm surprised has disappeared is "brain machines" - (

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