1. It says that each line of the 'payroll' should be 16 bytes. If each line here is 6 bytes then does that mean we should just count the first 18 bytes, then the second etc to find each line. It also says that the first 8 bytes of each should be the name of the person and then the salary. Sorry for harassing you haha

  2. I'm not exactly sure what UI framework/library you're using, but there's a good chance that drawRect's args aren't what you expect, and that they're actually (topLeftX, topLeftY, width, height), so that it always draws "down and to the right" of topLeftX and topLeftY.

  3. But I thought, since I'm subtracting, shouldn't it go upwards?

  4. So if the user inputs, say, 5, you want to draw 5 boxes, then 4 boxes, then 3 boxes, etc until you've drawn one box, then stop?

  5. Yeah, would you start with num then when it hits zero it stops? Then you would have to do I-- or something 'col--' I assume? If that's right then do you know I how I could write that?

  6. It's a weird question. You apply blowfish decryption in CBC mode. For anything more you need to more specific. Blowfish can have very short key (32 bits) which can be brute-forced, and it also has a small block size (64 bits) so things like

  7. I converted my file from base64 to binary. It says that 'This file has been encrypted using Blowfish with CBC encryption mode with the passphrase yourpassword. Decrypt the file'

  8. The problem is that after the 20th you can only apply for 6. However I already signed up for it beforehand but I’m waiting for confirmation. Do you know of anything else just in case?

  9. I would definitely go see a derm or a doctor. Both would have more insights on possible treatments or, if needed, the best way to go about laser therapies. Google can only tell us so much, it’s better to have someone analyse your skin personally and discuss the best course of action for you.

  10. Well I visited a derm and he put me on accutane. Once finishing the accutane I had scheduled another appointment for him but unfortunately he shifted countries so I’m currently looking for a good derm in my area.

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