[Giveaway] Hey guys, few months ago I posted this Jolly Roger light I made, and I will pick in 24hr one random comment that will win this, covering all the costs. Gl!

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  1. It’s actually “balls” not “bitches”. I always thought it was “bitches” and that it would make more sense. But the actor confirmed it on Instagram years ago.

  2. Saw this on Mercari. Idk how you decided on a $300 price tag but I’d be amazed if it sold for anything close to that. Seems ridiculously overpriced.

  3. No, but you can mail them in if you win. Even if it’s only $1

  4. Haha thanks! Just for fun though as always. Gonna scratch them when my girl comes to visit in a week. She’s got all the luck

  5. What's that say on the bottom right under the coral?

  6. I posted a second picture zoomed in on it. Im fairly certain it’s “PD Jait.” I’ve tried typing it in a few other ways, but nothing ever comes up except some hair salon lol. Im assuming it was just some small time artist but I’m dying to figure it out

  7. If you want I can create this design for you just the way you want, Please dm me.

  8. As you’ve heard a bajillion times, thanks for doing this! Curiosity has gotten to me and I’m dying to know how you find them everyday. Do you search the whole coast every time?

  9. If you want to start a collection of David’s Bar Mitzvah shirts I can send you one of mine

  10. Damn I’ve been trying to get one of these for a while without having to pay crazy money. Did you get lucky and find it, or did you bite the bullet and pay a pretty penny for it?

  11. I’ve been waiting for you to show up and comment that! I was starting to worry you only said it for scratch off wins 😂😂

  12. Mayan Cichlid without a doubt. They’re in a pond near my house I catch them pretty often. Actually posted my first time catching one to this sub a few years ago when I needed and ID, too.

  13. If you email the Wilson sports ball company and ask for stickers they will send some!

  14. Good one! I emailed them yesterday and a person (not some automated response!) emailed me today saying it’s being processed and will arrive in 3-6 weeks. Thanks!

  15. He might return the favor in 20 years when he's 50-100lbs and let u catch him again *weight edited

  16. If something is getting that big in this pond we might have a toxic waste issue

  17. They’re all printed at the same time and then stored and sent out as requested by retailers.

  18. I work at a Florida lottery retailer and I’m just telling you what my rep told me.

  19. In Florida retailers get a 1% commission for all tickets redeemed. So if you cash a $100 ticket the stores earns $1. Not much, but it adds up. We also get 5¢ for every ticket we print for the draw games like powerball, pick 3, etc… Buying scratch offs from them helps as well, as when we finish a book we settle it. In Florida, when I sell an entire book of the new $50 scratch offs the store gets a $75 commission.

  20. That’s a record man! Not gonna do all the math but if you’re so kind to tell us, how much did he win? My eyes are a little sore eye boggling 😆 sorry

  21. I think it came out to $125 total. We sold him a $10,000 winner a couple years ago and I think he was more shocked about this.

  22. Sorry to jump on this so late in the game but was wondering if you still have your x2 and if yung_ purchased one!? I have a 2018 on lease and on the fence of just purchasing instead of returning! Thanks all!!!!

  23. Yup, still have it! My lease is up in September. Still like it, but definitely ready for a new car which is why I always lease. Although I’ll probably buy it out and sell it to the dealership after a few months since prices are crazy right now and I could actually make money buying it out and selling it back to them.

  24. That was my plan too. May I ask if you’ve had any significant issues with the vehicle thus far? Thanks!

  25. Just a faulty battery. Made my car a brick when I was leaving my neighborhood. Couldn’t even put it in neutral. Replaced for free under the warranty. But you know what they say, if you have a BMW and something doesn’t go wrong you’re not driving it right lol

  26. Damn. I used to live in the building right on top of here and not once did I see him in all the times I went to grab a drink or dinner. Gonna miss those burgers with his Jersey number burned into the bun lol. Never had a bad meal there

  27. This is literally an ad… take your five day old account and go somewhere else

  28. Because Carol doesn’t own and care for them? In the article you linked it specifically says: "GWDC must vacate the Zoo Land premises within 120 days of service of this Order ...Vacation of premises shall also require removal of all zoo animals from the Zoo Land," the court order said.

  29. I absolutely adore this puzzle!! What store did you get it from?

  30. I got it as a gift after I told my mum to get me the hardest puzzle she could find. She doesn’t remember where she got it from since it’s been three years or so. Sorry :(

  31. I’m really glad this isn’t going to released in episodes. September 10th comes and boom the full game is out. Still gonna wait for it to go on sale before I get it though.

  32. Yeah i didnt expect it too be so expensive, the other ones werent that expensive i think?

  33. Oh wow. I didn’t even realize they were selling this for $60. That’s crazy. I think they sold each episode for $8 when not on sale so $40 total. And I thought that was even too much. Might wait a long long time to get this lol

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