1. Agree on both counts! Who can forget Justin and Selena looking for drugs on Skid Row lmao.

  2. I mean... being on drugs doesn't mean you're not a good person lol

  3. I don't find this shady, though maybe I just didn't understand what she meant. Is "and won't" a response to "face card doesn't decline" and she just ignored the rest of the tweet?

  4. I remember on another sub, I called Selena Gomez well-adjusted and a lot of people replied disagreeing with me.

  5. Idk how you can not call her well adjusted lol

  6. They're wrong. She's using both pronouns

  7. i checked their insta and you're right!

  8. alot of articles put misleading titles

  9. You would think HSM 3 hold the record. Considering that it was the last time

  10. Madonna doesn't have an album that sold more than 30 million copies lmao but Rihanna on her fourth or sixth lol

  11. I'm confused why people think she need pop to get a hit. Hiphop is arguably the most popular genre right now

  12. Just because it's the most popular genre right now, it doesn't mean that every rapper is going to do big numbers with it. Nicki Minaj for example didn't become famous with her hiphop songs. Doja Cat's best selling/streaming songs aren't hiphop songs either. Look at how Plan B and Pressurelicious performed on the charts, compared to Sweetest Pie.

  13. Just because some rappers are getting popular doing pop rap doesn't mean every rapper needs. wap, Up, Cash Shit, Thot shit, Jimmy Crooks, My Type are all hits lmao.

  14. Do y'all think Beyonce is gonna drop the music videos on Saturday

  15. It posted after I posted this lol but yeah it was insanely close. By 400

  16. In Normani defense, she was widely disliked beforehand

  17. I guess I don’t understand what’s wrong with it??? Can someone tell me? I think she looks amazing, she probably got work done, who cares? It’s her body and I know if I had money to fix whatever I’m insecure about I would too.

  18. idk how to explain this but she looks harsh. Like a wealthy movie villain in the first picture

  19. wow house music is making an comeback

  20. There's tons of problematic people in the industry tho

  21. Madonna would be next if they credit her on the break my soul remix

  22. People are credited on remixes if they account for most of the points.The remix is like less than 20 percent of the points this week

  23. Sales do get filtered but multiple versions are combined

  24. Next week is Madonna and Demi but I don’t think either of them will take the top spot unfortunately

  25. Demi would be lucky to debut in the top ten

  26. Bad Bunny is running the show. Have we ever had a non-English album and artist dominate the charts like this? I'm old, so I should have institutional knowledge here, but my memory is shit because I don't know why.

  27. Drake album came out two months ago so...

  28. I thought immediately of her especially since there was a recent post talking about legacy and most of the comments were talking about her singing

  29. Yeah when I was reading I kept thinking of Katy Perry lol

  30. So Demi Lovato's tour started and the new songs are pretty good! She also sang Remember December, La La Land and Don't Forget or a rock version of Heart Attack which I find interesting, I remember them saying they would never sing it again after the overdose.

  31. I saw a viral tweet yesterday. the person asked about artists that only had hits in the 2010s and will most likely not have one in 2020s. honestly if Kendrick doesn't switch back to commercial music. That's him. Does anyone have other thoughts about artists that fit this description

  32. I'm surprised how much discussion Renaissance has been having here. I feel like albums like 30 didn't receive a fraction of the discussion Renaissance had. Maybe I haven't been on here long enough to see other big albums

  33. Wait Cate Blanchett isn't dead..... right?

  34. Totally didn’t know Rodwave had such a huge fanbase. Also thought Megan at least would’ve done 75k 😞

  35. Good News did over 100k and I think that was after the rules change so she is definitely capable

  36. Yeah, he totally deserved it, it's his fault, he made her hit him...

  37. It is entirely his fault. It's not like she has a history of domestic violence or randomly hit him one day

  38. How do you know it's not like that? Domestic violence generally happens out of the public eye

  39. Exactly we don't know anything about their relationship. This is the first time we heard about it getting physical and her husband and none of her other relationships revealed anything else violent

  40. Justin Bieber and Taylor swift was on their way out in the late 2010s if we're being honest. Surprised they're still here

  41. Hopefully all the music videos premiere all the same time

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