[Postgame Thread] Michigan Defeats Ohio State 45-23

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  1. I’d really like to know what a middle ground would be. I absolutely loved fastpass+ and I hate genie+. If I recall, with the old fastpass system, it was you’d walk up, take a ticket for a return time and then come back? Personally, as a local, I’m not a fan because I’m typically only spending a half day at the parks and once we decided on what park we were going to, we just browse and pick whatever was available.

  2. Disney World is probably hard to get right but personally I felt like MaxPass at Disneyland was perfect and could even qualify as a middle ground. Paper fast passes that are free, accessible, intuitive, etc… and an up charge that allows Disney to make money plus give people who want to make the most of it a way to do so better.

  3. It doesn’t really matter, but would they use a West End promo photo for this instead of Broadway? I mean neither cast is going to tour but it just seems a little odd. Are they trying to not give any indication that the broadway cast is touring?

  4. The only difference is this had tons of open seats for months and Merrily had me stressing for two hours before I got one!

  5. Yep, if you wanted tickets to this you could get them easily, I spent an hour trying for Merrily Tickets and got nothing

  6. Tammy Faye! Knew this was one would be big so went through the whole digital queue process to get tickets for a couple performances the day they went on sale, and after seeing it last weekend I’d definitely say that was worth it! If you did the cancelation line, how was that experience? I saw the Almeida say they were able to accommodate everyone so far at one point, which is great. There’s sold out shows and then there’s SOLD OUT shows. Will be interesting to see if this one reaches the second by the end of its run, I definitely think it has the quality to. Are they allowing photos in the auditorium now or did you just sneak it by the theatre staff?

  7. I feel like it’s hard to rank the beware advantage because the quality and impact of it had varied. Code phrases ≠ red paint ≠ beads.

  8. I love Jet Lag! Really got hooked with season 1, Connect4, because the dynamic of having to make moves based on predicting where the other team was going was super interesting. There’s threads for each Jet Lag episode over at

  9. He did at least 2. The one where you had to smash an ice block, and the metal detector last episode.

  10. Lucky for me I drafted 2 QBs for the first time, it was Trey Lance… that worked out well

  11. Anyone else dumb enough to keep starting Kyle Pitts?

  12. Benched him already but still holding him for literally no reason

  13. Taysom Hill CAUGHT a TD??? I don’t understand it but I’ll take it!

  14. A decoy winner in BB would be production being tricked by reality rather than production trying to trick the viewers

  15. General comment about the season: I feel like the chasers have such a huge advantage... in my opinion, the tracker shouldn't be on continuously but rather be shown every 30 minutes or so. It would make strategizing a bit harder, increase the suspense for the chasers (who are mostly just sitting around waiting) and that way the runner could get somewhat closer to his location.

  16. I feel like the unlimited travel budget is the bigger issue, makes it way too easy to get from place to place. Although I’m not sure how they’d change it without weighting it too much toward the runner

  17. whoever the current chaser runner is. So basically everyone.

  18. If you meant runner then same for me. I keep getting invested in whatever strategy I’m actively being told about

  19. This is easily the weakest of the “each person tells a story” episodes, which is disappointing because they’ve used this format really well before.

  20. The Visitor explicitly has a song called “What Little I Can Do - Preprise”

  21. My comment about wanting to the interim mayor to be a unifying thread aged really well!! I’m excited to see what the rest of this season gives us

  22. What’s the most difficult part of doing a Jet Lag competition: the travel planning, challenges, general strategizing, predicting what the other team is doing, fatigue, or something else that might not be as obvious?

  23. This song in the Paint the Night parade at Disneyland is what helped me find Owl City!

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