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  1. Hast du Quellen dafür dass das nur die wenigsten sind oder beschäftigst du dich zumindest mit dem Thema?

  2. Doesn't that make it more likely? The housing bubble means they need a distraction, their changing demographics mean they soon can't effort it

  3. Exactly. Wars are a great tool for a damaged regime to survive a crisis

  4. A debit card (at least in america) is direct access to someone's bank account. You may as well be in the bank withdrawing the money yourself. That's why credit cards are so much safer. There's a buffer between ur account and the merchant

  5. Here in Europe I need to approve every single online transaction through an app of my bank, do you not have that in the US?

  6. gnrc says:

    Where do I go to see the results?

  7. To think that he's first club trophy was the Champions League. Anyway,hope we'll see the return of Turbo Timo Werner

  8. He's large and British, what more do you need to be a captain at a top club

  9. Maybe to continue the myth that we have any semblance of direction.

  10. Continue? More like restart it, with that new coach that has a system and all

  11. Maybe Haas as well, with his experience he can turn Haas around for sure.

  12. We've gotten ourselves into quite a dumb little pickle with a culture of encouraging every Tom, Dick and Harry to have opinions on world politics. What you get is a bunch of morons who feel obligated to give their ridiculous 2 cents whenever something happens like people want to hear it. Nine times out of ten they just agree with a smart sounding quip some blue checkmark says and go around regurgitating it like it's profound.

  13. Yeah, only people that have a degree or some other education on a topic and people with a certain IQ (depending on the topic) should be allowed to publicly state an opinion.

  14. That doesn't mean that all of them pay more in taxes than they get paid from the government.

  15. Honestly might be best to war Portugal first and take territory and / or vassalize them. That way you can early guarantee yourself pure dominance over the new world early.

  16. You actually won't have s ton of debt if you do it right.

  17. I'd add that you also want to take Tekke. It prevents the Mamluks from conquering land in Anatolia early (in case the Ottomans get destroyed by everyone) and you can vassalize Karaman.

  18. Mare nostrum will be very hard unless you have a foothhold in Italy and Iberia by this time.

  19. Not sure why you are being downvoted. I also play most of my games with Byzantium and it just gets veeeery tough if some countries are already HUGE while you don't even have all of Anatolia and the Balkan, let alone some good land in Italy, North Africa, and Spain.

  20. Former German chancellor shot down conversion to nuclear power, pushed hard for Russian pipeline. As soon as he left office he was on Gazprom board with massive paycheck. Wonder how that all went down?

  21. And then the next chancellor decides to build another pipeline and to quit other sources of energy to double the reliance on Russian gas

  22. Genau das - den Platz angeboten - haben sie gemacht. Das Problem war, dass die Wiener exakt die von ihnen reservierten Plätze haben wollten und keine anderen. Hab den Post bearbeitet, weil's anscheinend nicht klar war.

  23. Fahre nie Zug; ist das so üblich, dass man seinen reservierten Platz nicht bekommt, weil auf dem Platz gerade ein Kind schläft oder so?

  24. not shift consolidating before a fight, not USING MY MONARCH POWER TO DEV UP LANDS,not caring about the combat width system, clicking techs just because it is available while not looking at my other techs making my country grand heaven for corruption, oh and spamming suppress the rebels with my mana power thinking it will make them disappear

  25. That's a stretch, hell i can remember teachers from 20 years back who I only had for a year and I'd recognize damn near all of them now if we passed on the street. These guys had jedi leading them into battle, they probably had holorecordings all about their leadership styles and favored tactics, they'd know everything about kenobi that required knowing in order to take him down by the time order 66 occurred and they actively hunted him for years. You don't just forget a face like that, one that has that much significance in your life.

  26. I think what you say mostly applies to the upper echelon of soldiers.

  27. He's from the 501st, they were a high combat squad presumably under anakin. They knew kenobi.

  28. can you name cheapter alternatives that are as good as fofana? not being fecetious, genuinely curious

  29. Kudos to you for putting this together man, I remember going to my local PC cafe back in the day before I had a proper gaming rig, made a big difference to me as a kid having a place to go and enjoy myself like that. I hope your community thanks you but if not consider this my thanks on their behalf!

  30. Just out of interest, do you feel that pc cafes are actually a good business?

  31. In some countries they still can't easily build decent pcs so the cafes work really well. I've seen a few in England still but that's mainly used by teenagers and kids. Yemen may be on a low affordability end of the scale so a cafe would be great for the people there.

  32. Yep exactly. He won the race that he was presented with. That’s all you can do.

  33. He is a worse driver than Alonso, Hamilton, and Verstappen, but so are the rest of the field.

  34. This is a dumb question, and I'm a dumb person, but is there anything, legally, that would stop a circuit from just straight up copying another circuit. Like is road copyright a thing?

  35. I don't think so, because you cannot get a copyright on the design of your streets.

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