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  1. Are you dating my bf???? It’s so beautiful and refreshing to have someone support us like this.

  2. Right? And then he claims he had a bad edit in the final to look bad but I don’t know how you can edit that final in any other way.

  3. If Kaycee doesn’t hurt her knee, we would've been challenge champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

  4. I knew this toolbag was going to say that because it’s always someone else’s fault that he didn’t win or succeed. No accountability from this one at all.

  5. Somebody needs to come get their grandma. In the name of the Lord, of course.

  6. I appreciate the positivity but I really don't know if my wife and I could possibly make it through Season 4 ever again.

  7. 😂😂 I tend to skip season 4 on my rewatches. It was a rough season to watch.

  8. I can’t say it brought me to tears but while I was pregnant I used Coconut Cream Pie lotion on my stomach every day, and I always used Strawberry Poundcake in the shower. Now those are my 2 favorite nighttime scents that will forever remind me of my pregnancy (which was wonderful). 🥹

  9. I feel this way about VS Angel, which of course is now discontinued but luckily I have a big bottle that I will keep forever. It reminds me of when my son was a newborn because I got it for Christmas and he was born 3 days after Christmas and I wore it all the time 🥰

  10. Why do they keep commenting on loving the items we purchased? Lol I had one of them tell me they just loved the blueberry pie candle I ordered. I’ve seen other posts where this has happened too. Is their manager telling them to say that?

  11. Canned responses I’m assuming. It’s a list of pre-written, generic responses that they reply with. It’s so stupid and robotic.

  12. You’re not in the wrong. That parent is an idiot. This is the equivalent of “she got SA’d because she was wearing revealing clothing. What did you think was going to happen?!”

  13. You need the middle class to fall first. Even if there is a larger lower income class that can’t not afford to live, as long as there is a middle class they will face opposition and resistance to a rising up of the population. Once the middle income class has fallen there will be violence and death.

  14. Inflation + rising cost of living + stagnant, laughable wages are already decimating the middle class.

  15. are they trying to make homelessness the default expectation? why? i hate it here

  16. They want us to slave away 40+ hours a week to not even be able to afford a place to live. I also fucking hate it here.

  17. Yes. The smell of poop was all I lived for. Now that it's gone, life is meaningless.

  18. Look, it’s so sad to say but I actually got excited the first time poop smelt like poop to me again. People will never understand this disorder unless they have experienced it so they make ignorant comments.

  19. Not smell, but taste for me. It altered how cola, citrus, and a couple others sodas taste for me. They’re god awful now. I always wonder what other tastes or smells have changed for me permanently.

  20. Coca Cola tastes like dirt to me! I’m 1 year since covid.

  21. Definitely try it on yourself but FWIW I smelled it in store and instantly fell in love with it and it smells the exact same on my body/clothes. It’s such a beautiful scent and it lasts a long time on me! The price is also super affordable. I loathe the bottle because it’s big and clunky and takes up a lot of space and it’s sometimes hard to spray but I love the perfume so much that it’s worth it lol

  22. I heard some complaints about the bottle but I still think it is pretty!! I am super excited to smell this :) thank you

  23. You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy it!! Come back and let us know after you’ve tried it 🙂

  24. How about, “oh my gosh that feels amazing and now I want to taste you” then flip him over and go to town.

  25. Ooohhweee do I miss K9 officer Nick Carmack and Shep. But mostly the officer 🤤

  26. Pumpkin Apple has phenomenal throw but it burns weird.

  27. He has a wife! LMAOOO & Stephanie is suffering from PTSD about to finish college. 💋

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