1. How unprofessional is it for him to say that Munhoz was “reaching” for a DQ? Lmao.

  2. Cannot wait for do Bronx to knock him out cold. The disrespect he still gets (and undue, over the top respect Islam gets) is insane.

  3. You could see after the Gaethje fight the invasion of accounts/upvotes of anything Islam.

  4. Can't blame Charles, but I do believe it should be one or the other, not both

  5. Given how much poverty he came from and how much he gives back, I really hope he gets the fight.

  6. Cejudo vs Yan, October in Abu Dhabi. Only fight „available“ that makes sense

  7. Luke Thomas fell off. He loved the sport 5 years ago and seems like it is a job now more than a passion.

  8. He doesn't have the skill for anything else, so he's just stuck covering a sport that he largely hates, from the fighters to the fans.

  9. I had 1 3 4 5 for Valentina 230 vs 90 strikes landed Valentina had 2x the significant strikes, 3x for head strikes Ground control doesn’t mean much when you are the one getting pounded

  10. Control doesn't get you the win. Valentina was actively striking in rounds 1 and 2 from the bottom while Santos wasn't.

  11. Maybe unpopular, but Santos isn't doing anything on the ground except control, while Valentina hits her continuously.

  12. Spotify is not available in my country, anyone knows an alternative?

  13. Imagine getting kicked 3 times consecutively in the face with the same front kick.

  14. 10:50 When Kumaru tries to give a motivation speech and Justin is like what?

  15. Wonder why Tony literally never does video interviews. The only fighter that doesn’t.

  16. Seeing Islam play down Charles streak and brag about his own makes me think Ali is not behind the idiocies on his twitter account, but himself. Even Brett "company man" subtly was like "this ain't it, chief"

  17. He has this game with the 13th team and in the last game against the bottom team.

  18. Holy shit at Bisping "I can't speak with UFC balls in my mouth" defending DC for towelgate.

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