1. Sorry to resurrect this post, but is that the pod the advertise as being for ‘juice?’ I was just looking into these and was hoping I could load it up with some distillate or live resin

  2. This one came with three different types of pods. One for waxes or badders, one for CO2 oil or distillate, and a third for nicotine that I threw away. Lol

  3. Thanks for the reply! Is it still holding up pretty well? Would love to be able to do oils and waxes on the same device

  4. Gonna be honest, I haven’t used it in months. I loved it for a couple months, but the pods were a bitch to clean and the wax pods would ooze oil residue out the sides after using it. I bought a few extra pods. I liked the oil pods more than the wax but you have to be careful not to overfill. I kinda got away from using the waxes or badders. I might start getting em again and just use my other yocan that has a nectar collector attachment and just vape right out of the wax jars. Lol

  5. Man I had a similar experience with another FS strain live rosin cart..Mine was half way but I opted to open it up and rescue the remaining rosin. Good to know it wasn’t just a me thing I guess.

  6. Did it burn okay in a different cart or do you have a refillable pod vape? I have one of those from yocan but I never use it.

  7. They stopped making the white papaya ones shortly after.

  8. Do you like the infuse powder? Been thinking about trying it. 🤔 really been loving the rso lately. Took me 3 yrs as a med patient to find this wonderfulness that is rso for pain nothing else compares..

  9. I’ve been loving this infusion powder. Its only got a slight flavor to it so you don’t taste it that much unless your just mixing it in water, but it’s so versatile. I love it in my coffee. You can use it to make edibles too like mixing it into the water/milk for waffle batter or cookies. I’d be interested in what RSO you like in the program. I tried a syringe a while back from verano I think that I wasn’t that impressed with. I love the powder cuz it’s easy to dose.

  10. Did this make the root beer flat? I was told by BE it’s not recommended for soda because it would make it flat.

  11. Dust it on top very slowly and let it dissolve then stir lightly. It will fizz up if you try to just dump it in.

  12. Can you use any battery for firelands carts?

  13. Any 510 thread or nest battery will work for any cartridge in the program except the new wider Certified cartridges and the specialty pods. Every cart comes with the magnetic thread connector for the nest drop in batteries. You can unscrew them and use a screw on stick battery if you want.

  14. These are good for the price but I still prefer the firelands rosin carts flavor rise. I got the forza and lemon kush and they both kinda tasted the same. Feel like they used too much heat when decarbing and it burnt some of the terps off. For 75$ I can’t complain tho

  15. Avoid the Firelands white papaya live rosin carts. I got one last week that soured after a day and they exchanged it and the second one did the same thing. Both tasted great the night I got em and then next day they were devoid of all flavor and felt like they weren’t hitting the same. They’re sending a gift card refund.

  16. Loving it rn too! I’m in Jersey visiting my baby brother and his family here for the first time. So the infusion powder and my luster pods are my bff while sharing a hotel room with my mother cuz my older brother (who tested negative) couldn’t make the trip because his roommate tested positive the day before his flight. 🤬 First time trying the powder this trip and it’ll be a regular part of my routine from now on.

  17. I gotta say, I'm impressed with my first use of that BE powder. I put 3 small scoops in a small glass of water around 1pm to try first and see how it tastes, then 1 scoop in my coffee shortly after and I can still feel it 7 hours later. Very comfortable body buzz. I just wish they packaged it in something a little bigger that the tiny plastic container with the screw on lid. They pack it in there so much, you have to kinda grind into it and it comes out over the sides.

  18. I’ve had it twice and really enjoy it. There is very light flavor. There is dosing in the container, two scoops for ~20mg or something like that. I generally needed two heeping scoops or just three. It’s a good product, I used it in a lot of things. Cocktails, water, coffee, water for mixing waffle batter…whatever you want really.

  19. Grabbed two things of the BE powder today at the Forest. They had 25% all oils and edibles. Stocked up on a few luster pods too. Thanks for the ideas.

  20. HELLO! these are actually very good carts. That glass just need screwed back in. Thats how they fill them...

  21. This one was cracked. It wouldn’t screw back together.

  22. It sounds like they need to open these packages when you purchase them so you can see if they’re broken or empty before you get home

  23. These new packages Certified uses have clear viewing windows on the front so you can see if they’re filled or cracked.

  24. The effects are right are par with all the other carts I’ve tried from Standard Wellness/The Standard. They’ve been one of the most reliable when it comes to the 510 carts. Their pax pods are good but a little overpriced, imo.

  25. They work with any 510 stick or box screw on battery. I have two yocans they work with.

  26. I have a couple yocan stick/box batteries they work on. I got a Pebbles and Tangie cart last week and the Pebbles cart snapped apart by the base black part after a couple days. Only had less than a quarter of the tank left but they sent me full refund via venmo and mailed me one of their Certified stick batteries. If you’re looking for a drop in nest style battery these will fit in, I hear the yocan uni works but haven’t got one myself yet. I didn’t care that much for the Pebbles cart anyway. It was all Pinene terp. The Tangie was serviceable but I’ve had better Tangie CO2 carts from Rhythm. CO2 carts from The Standard, Firelands, or Rhythm are really the best option for 510 carts in the program. The Standard just put out some newer distillate carts that are better than Certified and almost half the price for .84g. They’re under The Solid line. I like the Lemon Cake and Banana Munson. Not too fruity.

  27. Pebbles has treated me nice, which one is stronger to you and or last longer as far as effects

  28. The effects are there but they’ve performed about the same in that regard.

  29. I thought these were lived resin, are they distillate?

  30. Yes, these .84g carts are distillate with terps added. They’re just the same style new glass tanks. There’s a second pic with the labels.

  31. Our of curiosity, what dispensary did you get yours from? I got mine from Firelands in Huron.

  32. O43 is solid. Pretty gassy. BE’s Layer Cake is my go to luster pod. It’s also one of the only strains I see the 3 packs for on menus close to me. Got a couple Super Lemon Haze pods the the day. Like em a lot but not nearly as much as say the Strawberry Fields or Sorbetto which is my favorite but rarely seen up here. They have a newer banana strain I’m dying to try but still haven’t seen yet.

  33. Those all sound great. I’ve only ever had this one and the sunshine kush pod so far very excited to try the o43 pod by klutch been hearing good things, I’ll check those out thank you!

  34. Haven’t tried Klutch’s O43 but I liked Butterfly Effect’s O43. Their Triple Crown (TC) and Triple Chocolate Chip (TCC) are also good but not as good as the Layer Cake, imo. Haven’t had any Klutch pods in months besides a couple of their Catfish pods a couple weeks ago because the Forest in Sandusky had them as a POD for 40 a pod. I always liked their Catfish pods, but I hated when they were using the black pods that you couldn’t tell the oil level for shit unless you held it up to a flashlight. Glad they went back to the clear pods like erybody else.

  35. Yeah, every cart sold in the program has to come with the magnetic thread protector for the nest style batteries which are the program recommended batteries. If you ever buy a cart from Standard, they roll up and stuff a little paper notice in their package tubes about the program rules on the type of battery, not that there’s anyone really enforcing them.

  36. Idk if its just me, but I have to eat a very expensive amount to get right as opposed to just a few tokes off the bowl. It does last but its just too expensive for so little effect

  37. Yeah, here you there. I’m just looking for a couple good edible options because I’m going to NJ for five days around Xmas and won’t be smoking/vaping flower while I’m there. Usually don’t mess with edibles and I’m only gonna get em when their discounted.

  38. I tried messing with a few different D8 vapes and tried a free gummy I got at Vapors in Sandusky but didn’t find a vape I really liked and the one gummy obviously didn’t do much for me. I’m open to any recommendations if you have some you like.

  39. Love that it’s an indica when most lemon strains are sativa. Nice change of pace.

  40. I just picked some up yesterday. Not what I hoped for. Still good, just not worth its price without. 20% discount IMO. But there is only a few that are actually worth 40 a tenth.

  41. Yeah, the Forest in Sandusky had it as POD yesterday for 30. This batch I got is killer.

  42. Firelands is one of my favorite cultivators and not just because I live in Huron. They make some of the best CO2 carts, and their live rosin carts are tasty. Just avoid the white papaya live rosin carts. I got one a couple weeks ago and it turned bad the next day. They exchanged it for a new one and the second one did the same thing. I got a few good hits that tasted good the first night and then the next day they both lost all flavor and weren’t hitting the same. I emailed their customer service team and they sent me a visa gift card refund.

  43. Oh wow, I've loved all the FS products I've tried, but good to know they have good customer service and stand by their product.

  44. Yeah, their curbside guy and I were talking about it one of the last times I was there and he said sometimes a particular strain just doesn’t process as well into oil as others.

  45. Have yet to see any of these on the menus up here.

  46. I live in Huron so I love having Firelands like a 5 min drive away.

  47. Keeping my eyes peeled. I’ll see some different ones on the Rise menu in Lorain but i don’t get over there as often as say Firelands or the Forest in Sandusky.

  48. Love Mandarin cookies, Golden Goat and Peach Crescendo from them.

  49. I just realized this mandarin cookies smells a little like brown sugar.

  50. Ya, I personally wasn't a fan of flavor(mandarine cookie), but cure/ effect it competes with teir 2 sativas just fine, and if you get it for 30 35, on sale, it's worth it.

  51. Yeah, I usually pick up their stuff when it’s on discount. Firelands does T1 days.

  52. Got a gram cart of their Lemon Kush last Tuesday and still have some left. So tasty and great effects. Love the wooden tip.

  53. Awesome! Can’t wait till I see it on firelands menu.

  54. I’m surprised to hear this coming from firelands. In over 2 years of buying their carts they are usually solid.

  55. I’m surprised too. Never had this happen with any cart. I tried em on multiple batteries too. I have a brand new Phoenix next I got a week or two ago that is my go-to for 510 carts so I know it’s not my battery.

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