Millionaire Celebrity Podcaster Joe Rogan Backs Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis For US President

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  1. Keffals is an incel that said can’t beat em join em and became a female 4

  2. Subscription economy is based as fuck. Use stuff as long as you need it, get rid of it when you don’t.

  3. How do you go from backing Bernie to DeSantis in just a few years?

  4. yo if only there was a place you could meet up with other people who want to get married before having sex.

  5. Says a dude in a sub where everyone has to announce their cult in their flair

  6. No the obvious answer was taking the losing season in getting a Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson instead of letting Teddy win six games

  7. Bro God himself wouldn’t have been capable of out tanking Jax that season. You don’t just up and decide to tank harder than the Jacksonville fucking Jaguars. The Jets literally hired Adam Gase, a well-respected tanking coach, and still couldn’t out tank the Jags.

  8. prolly PI. It's so subjective and how it's called can dictate the league. Davonta Smith is not playing in the NFL in the 1980s. He would just get thrashed at the line and not get off a single route.

  9. Lib left is just cowards that auth libs will enslave when the time comes. Auth libs will make sure they have the will to spill needed blood

  10. anyone who comes out publicly again murdering unborn babies is based.

  11. many of the lower SES blacks I served in the military with were overwhelmingly homophobic. i dont think of them as uncle toms. this black/gay alliance is some fake ass shit that africans came up with at harvard and is not representative of the ADOS communities as a whole.

  12. The only compromise on abortion is that it’s legal but people who commit it are shamed publicly so hard that they kill themselves more often than not.

  13. "Hey maybe we should let state's decide if it is illegal to murder your baby."

  14. No like little kitty cats forming a Sunni Islamic caliphate complete with sharia law.

  15. I don't see it as being much different from a women who just got lucky with her genes. High level sports are boring and I don't want to care about them.

  16. LibRight stopping by to say that the Federal Reserve setting interest rates so low allows 18-year olds to get access to this much credit. We can now blame the Federal Reserve for school shootings.

  17. He should have him on but just grill him for 3 hours about detaining black men with shotguns.

  18. Honestly, probably not. Maybe a few would, but Texas is kind of putting itself in its own little boat at this point and even most red states don't want to follow them

  19. This is also funny because Hasan supported vax mandates. I wonder who would enforce those…

  20. Vaush liking Europe enough to put one of its countries in his username is enough reason to write off the whole continent.

  21. That's just an american tradition to say you're part Irish

  22. People feeling comfortable enough to say their Irish in public is why inter-white racism needs a comeback.

  23. I’m willing to bet that if London got a team, there would be some rule about having a bye before or after playing them.

  24. Well I mean context is everything if a woman or child is running at you with a gun or suicide vest I think most people would kill them. Kinda funny that a bunch of people that have such anxiety that they can’t do normal shit talk a bunch of shit about people that they have never done the things that person had to do. But go on make yourselves feel superior

  25. This thread is clearly filled by people who have never seen or committed great violence.

  26. In America’s defense, our country has been an actual war zone much less recently Europe.

  27. Yeah European boomers grew up in the aftermath of WWII and the horror of wars and they did not want their children to experience that.

  28. Yeah. And now Russia is invading their neighbor so I guess it happened lmao

  29. Unlike most JRE people, I actually listened to the first and now most of the 2nd public hearing, and my impression is that this 2nd hearing was establishing that Trumps inner circle of authority all refuted and rejected the notion of election fraud. Particularly Today's hearing focused on early/mid November to the first week of December, and what Trump was told by his campaign, the OLC, DoJ, etc... even getting in to specific chains of allegations and such. Like Trump claim 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in a state like Pennsylvania and how various people investigated and reported back why each claim was not true and is in fact false.

  30. The legislature can’t fucking indict people. They have literally no power.

  31. Where is the nexus between lying about election fraud and the physical violence on J6? Incitement is a very specific charge and needs a specific, direct link to the criminal activity it incited.

  32. I’m high as shit and also retarded but what if Patriot Front figured out who all the feds were, put them in the uHauls, and then tipped the cops off about it.

  33. Bro if being a fascist is being opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour taking place on public, tax payer funded property/promoted by the State, then the goal posts have shifted so far that it’s a meaningless slur now.

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